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The Last: Naruto the Movie

The Last: Naruto the Movie will be the tenth Naruto film, following Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, which was released in July 2012. The upcoming film is slated to be shown in December this year, two years after the ninth movie was launched. The newest anime flick is also a part of Naruto’s Start of a New Era Project (Naruto Shinjidai Kaimaku Project) where the story is set in the new generation and the characters are depicted as young adults. Tsuneo Kobayashi is the director, and the original author of the manga, Masashi Kishimoto, also contributed to the story. He did the character designs as well.

Masashi Kishimoto's new character design

Masashi Kishimoto’s new character design


So for those of you who haven’t heard or watched the trailer of the newest Naruto movie yet, check this out!

Go check out their website to see more updates!


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