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Naruto Chapter 689: I Like You

WARNING: This contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.  As you may all know, Obito returned from the dead to give his eyes to Kakashi, enabling the latter to have a pair of sharingan. He also managed to save Sakura with his Susanoo in the previous chapter. The new chapter begins with an attack from Kakashi using his kamui shuriken. Kaguya then transports everyone to another dimension while creating a gigantic gudouma. Kakashi signals the other three to come up to him and discusses his strategies to defeat the rabbit granny. (As what Naruto called her lol) As Naruto and Sasuke advance to Kaguya, Kakashi tries to attack her from above but she is able to pierce him from there. Fortunately, Kakashi adopts the same technique of Obito where he can pass through things. Hence, he is not injured at all. At the same time, he uses his Kamui Raikiri against Kaguya who gets hit on her right arm. Sasuke and Naruto immediately show up from both sides, and without enough time, she tries to attack both of them but fails, and everything seems to go well according to their plan. naruto1 Well, to make it short, Team 7 manage to corner Kaguya, and Sakura ends the chapter with her surprise attack from above. Now, will Sasuke and Naruto be able to seal her away? We gotta find out next week!

Team 7 as they attack Kaguya from all sides.

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