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Naruto Chapter 692: Revolution!


After Naruto bids farewell to his father Minato, all of the Kage vanish as each of them relays their final words to Naruto and his friends. The Hokage, in particular, entrust everything to them, especially to Naruto and Sasuke. As for the tailed beasts, they decide to go back to their homes since they are already free. Kurama, on the other hand, asks the Eight-tails about his plans. Gyuki responds that he will probably return to Bee as he has already gotten attached with him and his terrible rap. He then poses the same question to the Kyubi who remains silent. Hagoromo speaks up and informs the bijuu that they can communicate and set up a meeting place inside Naruto since he has bits of their chakra. He also appoints Kurama with the task of managing it, so he must remain inside his jinchuuriki. Kurama accepts the task without any second thoughts. (He just wants to stay inside Naruto, that’s why.) Hagoromo also asks Naruto and Sasuke if they changed their minds after the fight. Naruto states that his answer remains the same, although he realized even more how kindhearted his mom really was. And since Naruto and Sasuke successfully placed the seal, it should also dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi without any problems. All that’s left is for Sasuke’s answer.


Damn it, Sasuke.

And his first plan is to execute the five Kage that are still under the genjutsu. He decides that extracting his revenge by destruction would have been useless, so he has now changed his plans. He wants to become the Hokage and reform the entire Shinobi world through a revolution. Immediately after that, he casts all the tailed beasts under his control using his sharingan. With chibaku tensei, he seals the bijuu back, and before he gets totally contained in the sphere, Kurama pleads Naruto to help them. Naruto promises him that he will get them out of there soon no matter what.

Sasuke, on the other hand, implies that everyone who was in his way is now gone…everyone, except Naruto. Hagoromo laments and compares the turn out of events with the past situation of his sons. Naruto quickly objects with this and ascertains him that they will never end up like his sons Ashura and Indra, because…

brother's feud


And that’s the story of how the fandom started its own revolution as well LOL. And let’s face it. Majority of us fans (yep, including me!) got really mad at Sasuke for declaring a revolution especially when the fight with Kaguya has just ended. Well, let’s just wait and see what is going to happen in the next chapter, and if Naruto will really be able to stop Sasuke. (I wonder what’s going to happen to Kakashi, though. I hope he will not die. The fact that there is no draft of him for the upcoming movie makes me really anxious.)

Well, what do you guys think of this chapter? Comment your reactions below!

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  1. Seems like everyone wants to be Hokage now, LOL.

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