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Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12: A Swim-Off in a Foreign Land!

(NOTE: This is a “nosebleed” episode for Haru. HAHAHA!)

“What is he saying?”

Haruka Nanase and Rin Matsuoka arrive in Australia together after the latter invited Haru to come with him. Rin tours his friend around the area and brings him to an ocean to help him relax. However, Haru is not in the mood to swim so Rin sits beside him and shares his experiences with him during his first time in the said country. He had difficulty adjusting that time but knowing that Haru and Sousuke were just beyond the ocean, he managed to cope with his new life in Australia together with the help of his swimming coach and his host family.

Russel and Lori are surprised and delighted to see Rin once again together with his friend Haru. They were Rin’s host family and they are excited to finally meet Haru since Rin had mentioned him a lot when he was a kid as someone that he looked up to. After dinner, the couple drive the two to their hotel. When Rin and Haru enter their room, they are shocked to find a single bed inside. The hotel receptionist must have mistaken their names for a girl and they both blame each other because of that LOL. Rin tries to fix the issue but the front desk officer refuses his request since all the rooms are already occupied. His only option is to cancel his reservation but he needs to pay extra charges for that. So without any other choice, Rin and Haru share the same bed. (HaruRin ALERT! XD)

But both of them cannot sleep so they just chat a bit more as they recollect their memories of their first meeting and their tournaments. Rin once again affirms his admiration for his swimming buddy and the same world that they will enter together. The following day, he brings Haru to an aquatic center that also serves as the venue for international swimming competitions. He asks him if he wants to swim and he lends him one of his swimming trunks. However, they are not the only ones in the area. Rin spots the members of the National Team who also use the pool for their swimming practice. With a challenging tone, he tells Haru that there is another recreational pool available for those who don’t have the guts to swim beside the National Team. In the end, they decide to use the same pool and as Haru readies himself, a guy from the National Team positions himself beside him. He briefly greets and prods Haru as he jumps in the pool. Haru, on the other hand, envisions himself standing in the very same stadium in front of a big crowd and makes up his mind. He is overcome with his desire to keep swimming as he spreads his wings toward his dream. Haru and Rin chat with each other outside after swimming. Rin informs him about his coach who used to train him while he was studying in Australia. He said he plans to formally join his coach’s team before he heads back to Japan. And Haru, with a renewed spirit and sparkling eyes, tells Rin that he, too, has already found it.

Kyaa! The amount of “feels” I have for HaruRin is too high! HAHAHA! I really like Miyano Mamoru’s English dubbing here. Cuteness overload. And congratulations to Haru for finally realizing his dream! LOL.


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