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Free! Eternal Summer Final Episode: The Eternal Summer of Beginnings

Haru and Rin return to Japan and they are welcomed by Makoto at the airport. Haru is a bit timid to speak to Makoto since they had an argument right before he went to Australia but Makoto seems to have fully disregarded their earlier fight as he welcomes Haru back to his home country. Both of them meet Nagisa and Rei (who has been worried about him since that incident during their previous relay). Haru narrates his trip to his friends and his decision to continue swimming to reach his newfound dream which he discovered thanks to Rin. While watching the rehearsal for the national tournament, Haru plucks up the courage to apologize to Makoto for what he said before. Makoto shakes his head and tells him that he is the one who’s sorry for not telling him his plans. He explains to him how he came up with his decision to quit competitive swimming and just continue being a swimming instructor to children. The happiness and sense of achievement that he felt when he was able to encourage Hayato to swim inspire him to continue teaching more kids the fun of swimming. He wants to be a swimming teacher and to achieve that dream, he will attend a college in Tokyo.

“Rin-senpai! Can I have my souvenir, please? Koala! Kangaroo!”

The night before the competition, the four of them watch the glowing scenery of the ocean from the bridge as they reminisce the memories they have spent together from the moment they started the swimming club up to the recent times. However, the fact that they can no longer swim together next year weighs them down. Nagisa and Rei burst into tears as they realize that Makoto and Haru will be graduating soon. Makoto comforts them by saying that they should not cry since nothing’s over yet, as they still have to swim together for the competition tomorrow. Haruka agrees, and assures the other two that no matter what path they choose to take, they will always be connected to each other because the swimming relay is what binds them together.

“I want the four of us to keep swimming together forever!”

On the day of the national tournament, the four of them see a brand new sight as they delve into the pool competitively which earn them a loud cheer from the crowd. It is then shown at the end of the episode that their team won sixth place in the competition.

As for Samezuka Academy, Rin appoints Nitori as the new captain of their swimming team prior to his retirement and instructs them to become the ultimate team which will carry their dream in the future. When it is just the two of them, Rin encourages Sousuke and tells him that he will be waiting for him to come back in the world of swimming.

Before Rei, Nagisa, Haru and Makoto meet Rin, they first drop by the Iwatobi Swimming Club to bury their letters where they wrote the sights they saw during the relay competitions. They all agree to open the time capsule when they see each other again a few years from now. But for the meantime, everything will remain as a secret. Right after that, they meet Rin at Samezuka who greets them with a pool covered in cherry blossoms. Everyone gets excited upon seeing the incredible sight before them, and they all run toward the pool and swim to their delight.

As the episode nears its ending, it is shown that Makoto and Haru are still meeting each other from time to time. Makoto is busy with his studies, while Haru is diligently practicing and improving his swimming skills. Nagisa and Rei continue to manage the swimming club in their high school and they have surprisingly recruited a lot of new members for their club. The same goes for Samezuka Academy with its new captain Nitori.

Is this a swimming club or a modelling class? HAHAHA!

Towards the end of the scene, both Rin and Haruka are shown competing against each other in the professional swimming tournament. And the moment the “go signal” is given, Haru is seen jumping in the pool, towards the fulfillment of his dream…

For the future…

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