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Ao Haru Ride’s Live Movie Adaptation Is Set To Flutter Hearts This December

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) is a shoujo manga written by Io Sakisaka that depicts the love story between Yoshioka Futaba and Tanaka Kou who both fell in love with each other when they were still in junior high. However, before she could even confess her feelings for him, Kou suddenly transferred and they lost contact with each other. Now that she is in high school, she unexpectedly reunites with Kou who changed his name to Mabuchi Kou. She realizes that she still has feelings for him, but the Kou she knew before is different now. In the course of their romance, they meet new people and friends who will also play a great part in their story.

An anime adaptation was released in Japan in July this year, and its final episode was aired just recently. However, those who were saddened by the short anime series have something new to look forward to! A live-action film adaptation of Ao Haru Ride is confirmed to be released in Japan this coming December 13th!

Tsubasa Honda and Masahiro Higashide will play the roles of Yoshioka Futaba and Tanaka Kou, respectively. Izumi Fujimoto (Yuri Makita), Yua Shinkawa (Shuko Murao), Ryo Yoshizawa (Aya Kominato), Yu Koyanagi (Yoichi Tanaka), Yudai Chiba (Toma Kikuchi) and Mitsuki Takahata (Yui Narumi) are also included in the cast. The filming began on April 1st and Takahiro Miki is directing the film.

A teaser was also released in July and for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, go check it out!


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