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Two New Otome Games from OKKO and Arithmetic!

Ready to make your hearts flutter? Then try the newest otome games from OKKO and Arithmetic! The English versions of these dating sims were released just this October and are currently available for Android users. (The iPhone version should be out soon!) And what’s even better is that these games are actually for FREE!

Royal Midnight Kiss ~Love with a Prince in Disguise~ (OKKO)


One day, you are suddenly asked to become the temporary interpreter of a foreign prince visiting Japan.
Between Japan and your prince’s homeland, how far will this love full of troubles lead you ?!

You can get the Android version here. (My invitation code: DfKGzV)

Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale – Fairy Tail Prince (Arithmetic)

Main Story: (Description taken from

“It’s close to the due date of your tasks at the office, and you’re starting to nod off. Suddenly, a white rabbit appears in front of you, takes an important document and runs away with it!

Of course, you run after the rabbit to retreive the document, but as you leave your office, you fall into a deep hole in the ground…

You seem to have woken up…in a castle? You’re regarded as the queen of the fairy tale world, and have been proposed to by seven princes?! In all this confusion, you’re going to have to choose one prince to become your partner and also to become the king of the fairy tale world…”

Download the Android version here. (My invitation code: 3PCHrJ)

(You may check my OTOME GAMES page to see more!)


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