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Naruto Chapter 697: Naruto and Sasuke Part 4

The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke ensues. The war between them has started since Chapter 694, and I swear, I was almost at my limit with the recent development of the series. I didn’t want the manga to end with just the two of them clinching all the panels by themselves. Fortunately, tonight’s chapter is much better than the previous one. Sakura and Kakashi somehow manage to squeeze some panels for themselves as Sakura finally wakes up from the genjutsu that Sasuke cast on her. She asks Kakashi about her teammates, and he tells her about the two settling their scores at the moment.

Sasuke and Naruto continue to strike each other

Sasuke and Naruto exchanging blows

After the long struggle, the two seem to be exhausted (at last) after Sasuke assaults Naruto with his most powerful technique. The impact from Indra’s Arrow sends the two of them plummeting to the ground. They continue to strike each other using every bit of their remaining energy, with their emotions surging and passing through their attacks. Kurama tries to give some of his chakra to Naruto, but to their surprise, Sasuke manages to absorb it thanks to the power of his Rinnegan. This allows him to charge his chidori and confront Naruto. Sasuke then bids farewell to him as he readies himself to deliver his final blow to his only friend.


First of all, I’m just so glad that the battle between those two seems to conclude soon. With only a few chapters left, I am hoping that something good will come out of this long struggle between Naruto and Sasuke. The recently concluded war caused so much destruction to the village, and those two only added further damage to it LOL. How could they decapitate the statues of Hashirama and Madara? T.T On the other hand, I somehow got nonplussed with Sasuke’s new outfit. He kinda looked like a high school student for me when his “skirt” was removed during the battle. LOL 😛

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