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Naruto Chapter 698: Naruto and Sasuke 5


Naruto and Sasuke’s fight has finally come to an end. Both of them use their remaining chakra to deliver their final blow to each other. Sasuke uses kagutsuchi while Naruto attacks him with rasengan using the last bit of chakra Kurama gave him. The final assault causes both of them to lose consciousness and they both wake up later to find themselves lying side by side. They can’t move that much since they might bleed to death, with their arms getting severed from their earlier clash. Once again, Sasuke asks Naruto why he would risk everything just to save him from darkness. As his best friend, Naruto explains to him that he can also feel the pain and burden he carries. Sasuke recollects the past as he remembers how Naruto and the rest of Team 7 remind him of his own family. And how, just like Naruto, he could also relate to his suffering that caused him to create a bond with him. But at the same time, that feeling turned to envy when he saw how Naruto grew stronger than him. Sasuke’s recollection of the past comes to a halt when they both fall asleep again.


The next morning, as they both wake up, Sasuke finally admits his defeat with a smile on his face as he acknowledges his rival. Surprised, Naruto tells him that there are no winners or losers in their fight, because he just merely wants to make his friend realize the wrong path he wanted to take. Sasuke tells Naruto that if he dies, Naruto can just dissolve the Infinite Tsukuyomi by transplanting his left eye to Kakashi. Naruto stops him from sprouting nonsense as if he is about to die and tells him that he only wants to unite all shinobi including him. Sasuke asks him how he can be certain that he will not come after him again, but before Naruto can provide an explanation, he sees the profile of Sasuke…in tears.

“Shut up, stupid.”


This chapter was just too much for me to handle. The bond between these two has seeped in to the very depths of my otaku soul. After all those years, only the two of them could relate to each other’s feelings. Seeing Sasuke shed tears after all the villainous deeds he made in the previous chapters, somehow, made my heart break into pieces.  I think it’s now safe to assume that Naruto succeeded in saving his friend from falling into the pit of darkness. Even without their arms, their blood is still linked which symbolizes the strong bond between them. *sighs* Naruto and Sasuke, you just don’t know how the fandom is drowning in feels right now. 


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