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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Specials Episodes 1-3


I have only recently found out that Gekkan Shoujo has special episodes which are bundled with the DVDs/BDs. There will be a total of six episodes which will air until February next year, and so far, two of them have already been released with English subs while the third is still a raw video. Unfortunately, these special episodes (which are like OVAs) are only about three minutes long, which I believe is still not enough to quench my strong desire to see a second season of the anime adaptation.

Anyway, the first three episodes are taken from Chapter 45 of the manga. Expect it to be totally hilarious though you might be disappointed with how short they are. But the whole three minutes of the show are packed with comical scenes, with the first three episodes focusing on Wakamatsu’s misunderstandings regarding Seo and Kashima’s relationship. That is the continuation of the anime’s final episode back in the festival where Waka met the others.


Wakamatsu seems bothered about the cool guy that he saw in the festival with Seo. (Apparently, he hasn’t met Kashima yet so he mistook her as a guy.) He asks Nozaki and Hori about it but the two don’t seem to be paying much attention to his query. Hori invites Waka to their club trip in summer vacation then describes how Nozaki got really excited when he also asked him to come to the trip.

Hori: I regretted asking him to come. There’s no way most of that’s gonna happen.

On the other hand, Mikoshiba, Kashima, Seo and Chiyo are also talking about the drama club trip. Chiyo asks Mikoshiba if he will still come even if there are strangers, and he says “yes” and reassures himself that Kashima will be there, too. Chiyo, however, informs him that even Kashima will have to sleep in another room and bathe separately (she’s still a girl after all XD). But Mikorin doesn’t seem to realize it.

(Mikorin, you’re such an idiot. HAHAHA!)


While the four of them are discussing their plans for the trip, Wakamatsu spots Kashima and Seo talking. He eavesdrops and hears that the two of them will stay in the same room and again, he gets the wrong idea. (Wakamatsu is such an innocent boy lol) This only reaffirms his initial impression of them being in a relationship. The poor guy gets even more confused when Sakura joins the other two in their plans of sleeping in the same room. (He thought Kashima is two-timing them! XD)

Wakamatsu, who got even more bothered and worried, decides to secretly follow Chiyo, Seo and Kashima in the mall where they planned to go shopping for swimsuits. However, his plan to spy them easily gets discovered when the girls spot him. He ends up going to the swimsuit shop with them but feels a bit relieved that Seo’s boyfriend (Kashima) is with them. He thinks that no one would see him as a pervert since there are two guys in the group. 

No, Wakamatsu is INNOCENT! XD

Kashima and Chiyo both go to the fitting room to try on some swimsuits and Wakamatsu misunderstands again the situation. He picks up a swimming outfit and pleads Seo, stating that he can’t wear anything more revealing than that.

SPECIAL EPISODE 3 (No subs yet; however, the scenes completely follow the sequence of the panels in the manga, so I somehow got the grasp of the dialogues XD)

Seo finds Wakamatsu being weird and suspicious the whole time so he tries to avoid being timid. He decides to become bolder and convinces himself that those are only swimsuits, as he recommends one to Seo. Kashima sees this and thinks that it is sexual harassment.

Later on, Chiyo invites Wakamatsu to come with her to buy some juice as she asks him about what’s happened lately. The atmosphere is warm and fuzzy, and Waka tells her about the drama club trip that he and Nozaki will attend. Upon hearing that, the ambiance instantly changes as Chiyo grabs him on his shirt and tells him that they should head back to pick some swimsuits since they can’t afford to waste time.

Kashima notices that Seo is buying the bra that Wakamatsu recommended earlier. Seo explains that it is the first thing that he’s picked out for her so she will wear it so she could shut him down later on. (Seo is so mean! HAHA!)

Wakamatsu, who is still confused,  visits Nozaki again in his house and shows him the relationship chart he created after they went to the mall. When he sees it, Nozaki instantly recognizes the characters from the sketch that Waka presented him. The mystery surrounding the identity of Seo’s boyfriend is finally cleared as Waka finds out that Kashima is actually a girl. And remembering his past actions, he realizes that he indeed appeared as a big pervert.

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