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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Ep. 12-A Pressing Appeal -I Love You- (Summary)

It turns out that the “mama” that Reika greeted is the “Big Mama” from the local bar. Kyouya’s real mom looks much more elegant, and she resembles him more than Reika, with her short, blonde hair befitting her small body frame.

She tries her best to get along well with Erika since she is the girlfriend of her son. While Reika and Erika are washing the dishes, the former starts to narrate the life that Kyouya had after their parents separated. He tried to cope with the situation by closing his heart to anyone and establishing a cold personality. His mom, on the other hand, feels guilty and she believes that she is the one responsible for the sudden change in her son’s personality.

Erika and Reika decide to see the fireworks festival together, but Kyouya suddenly tags along. The three of them walk together, and as they stroll around the venue, Reika reminisces the times that she and Kyouya were with their mother. Kyouya tries to shove those memories off and ignores his sister. Erika sees a stall selling candied apples so she goes to buy some and asks Kyouya to give the other one to his mom.

However, Kyouya refuses to give it so Erika pretends to be sad and tells him that she will just go to the bathroom. Instead, she calls his mom and makes up an excuse to make her go to the festival so she can resolve her issues with Kyouya. However, as she is talking with her on the phone, Erika gets bumped by other people and the pendant of the necklace that Kyouya gave her gets lost.

After waiting for her for a few minutes, Reika and Kyouya decide to look for her. While going around the venue, the two are surprised to see their mom. She tells them about the strange phone call that she received from Erika and together, they continue searching for her. Eventually, they find her at the dumpster rummaging through the heaps of garbage, looking for the pendant, but it is Hitomi who finds it nearby.

At home, Kyouya thanks his mom for helping them find the necklace, much to Hitomi’s surprise. The two of them finally reconcile, with Kyouya telling her that he will come to Kobe more often. On their way back to Tokyo, Erika looks at the childhood photos of Kyouya that Reika gave her. Kyouya sees the picture of him with the snowman and finally realizes the situation back then.

The scene concludes as Kyouya kisses Erika in their school’s rooftop, implying the blossoming relationship of the two as the episode comes to an end.


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