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Death Parade Ep.2 – Death: Reverse (Summary)


Kurokami no Onna, the Black-Haired Woman, wakes up to find Nona who takes her to the 15th floor where Decim works. She meets Clavis, the elevator guy before Nona introduces her to the bartender. It seems like she is clueless about the situation or the place, and she just follows what Nona tells her since she is assigned as an assistant. Nona takes her to a room where Decim’s dummies are hung, and they both watch the terrified guests from the other end of the glass.

“Do you know what the most primitive emotion people have is? It’s FEAR.” ©Madhouse

As the game progresses, Nona teaches  Kurokami no Onna about the death of Takashi and Machiko, and how arbiters like them pass judgment on the deceased based on their life memories.  The Black-Haired Woman seems to be equally shocked just like the couple, and she gives her own opinion about the situation. After Decim sends off the couple to their respective destinations, he is met by Nona and Kurokami no Onna, who expresses how awful the whole procedure was. She asks him why Machiko is sent to the void, even though she just lied about her having an affair with another guy. Decim looks surprised, and he questions her about her hunch that the child is Takashi’s even though Machiko herself admitted that she had a fling.

Nona: “Everyone makes mistakes. But then, people’s feelings often get expressed in random ways. You’re an arbiter; don’t just brush them off. ” ©Madhouse

Thinking that he might have a faulty decision, he is about to ask Nona but the latter suddenly pulls him by his bowknot and lectures him about arbitrating. He nods at her with a clenched fist as he serves the ladies some drinks. Afterwards, Nona leaves Kurokami no Onna at the bar and enters the elevator again to return to her abode. There, Clavis asks her about her impression of the new assistant, and she unknowingly and subtly praises her, much to Clavis’ surprise. However, as she recalls what the woman said earlier about the couple’s happiness, she takes back her compliment and tells herself that no matter what happened, Takashi wouldn’t have a happy life because he couldn’t trust others.


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