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Death Parade Ep. 4 – “Death Arcade” (Summary)

Two strangers find themselves in Quindecim without their memories before they ended up in the bar. Convinced that it is just a TV show with hidden cameras, TV celebrity Misaki Tachibana directs the young man named Yousuke Tateishi to act accordingly. They play an arcade game and their characters represent themselves. Misaki loses in the first round, where bits of her memories when she was abused by her partners flash into her mind. She persuades Yousuke to let her win the second round, and during that time, Decim introduces a new device which causes Yousuke’s joystick to conk out, enabling Misaki to prevail in the second game.

“It is suited to creating extreme conditions. Unless we see into the darkness of the soul, we cannot pass judgment.” ©Madhouse

That instant, Yousuke regains his memories which show how he lived his life following the divorce of his parents. His father introduced him to his new stepmother, but even so, he continued living in depression and solitude, refusing to accept his stepmom’s genuine efforts to get close to him. He realizes that the two of them are not in a TV show, contrary to what Misaki thought at first.

“No way…Did I do that? How could I? I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…” ©Madhouse

The final round of the arcade commences, and when Misaki’s joystick malfunctions, she suddenly turns violent and knocks Yousuke unconscious, afraid that she would die if she lost the game. She immediately regrets her actions, but Decim forces her to continue playing. Just before completely defeating Yousuke’s character in the game, the young man wakes up and the two of them continue to earnestly play, and the final round concludes with a draw. Right then, they both realize that they are already dead; Yousuke committed suicide while Misaki was strangled by her upset manager because of her maltreatment .


When Decim confirms their deaths, Misaki bursts out in mixed emotions until she pleads the arbiter to return her to her children, as she was only about to start her happiness with them. Yousuke, on the other hand, questions himself why he committed suicide, and he is overcome with regret as well for not granting his stepmother’s request to call her “Mama”. Decim consoles the two and sends them off to their destinations afterwards—Misaki in the void and Yousuke in the afterlife for his soul’s transmigration.

Misaki: “I was about to be happy, together with my children…” Yousuke: “Why…Why did I…commit suicide?” ©Madhouse

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