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Death Parade Ep. 9 – “Death Counter” (Summary)

Shimada and Tatsumi continue to play air hockey as they both vow to seek revenge to those who harmed their loved ones. As they each garner a point, their memories become clearer, until Shimada realizes that the knife he found earlier in his bag was the one he used to kill the man who abused his sister. Tatsumi also remembers that he had already avenged his wife by killing her murderer. He urges Shimada to play better so that he can get out of the bar and find the other man who didn’t help his sister.


When Shimada wins the game, Tatsumi recovers his complete memory and he becomes aware of his death. Shimada finds out that it was actually him who stabbed and killed the detective, since he was the other man that his sister Sae referred to. Even though Tatsumi saw the man assaulting her, he just watched the whole scene and did not help her just so he could pass judgment on the criminal. Decim allows Shimada to inflict punishment to Tatsumi, but the black-haired woman stops him. She reproaches his method of ascertaining Shimada’s motives and drawing out the darkness of his soul, stating that he cannot judge people when he himself cannot comprehend their emotions.


She tries to convince Shimada not to kill Tatsumi so he can be reincarnated and see his sister again in another form. However, the detective continues to sway him with his cruel words and in the end, the young man eventually gives in to his anger, and his soul is sent to the void.



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A frustrated writer and artist. Loves Kpop and Japanese anime/manga.

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