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Diabolik Lovers’ Stage Play Adaptation Reveals Cast Members



Another stage play is set to flutter the hearts of fans as the official website of Diabolik Lovers updated its blog with the first set of cast members. Among them are Taiki Yamazaki (Ayato Sakamaki), Shōhei Hashimoto (Kanato Sakamaki), Katsuhiko Ibuka (Laito Sakamaki) and Ayumi Takamura (Yui Komori). The play will run from August 26-30 at the Rikkōkai Theater in Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward.

Taiki Yamazaki as Ayato Sakamaki

Shōhei Hashimoto as Kanato Sakamaki

Katsuhiko Ibuka as Laito Sakamaki

Ayumi Takamura as Yui Komori

The play is written by Guiya Ōta and produced by Yūsei Naruse at Office Inveider. The next set of cast members will be announced in April while ticket information will be released this week.

Diabolik Lovers is a visual novel game developed by Rejet and published by Idea Factory. An anime TV series adaptation was also aired in 2013 by studio Zexcs.

(Source: ANN)


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