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Parasyte The Maxim Ep.23 – “Life and Oath” (Summary)

Shinichi locates Gotou’s whereabouts where the latter is crouched down, apparently asleep. He quickly tries to cut the enemy but Gotou instantly blocks his attack. Their battle commences once again, but without Migi, Shinichi knows that he can never defeat the parasite, so he aims to at least cause some damage to its body. However, with Gotou’s speed and power, he is almost invincible, but on the last minute, Shinichi finds a rod that he uses to pierce his opponent’s body.

Gotou: “You’ll pay for this!” ©Madhouse

“The parasitic cells that don’t belong to the main leader have instinctively sensed a threat to themselves and wish to flee.” ©Madhouse

He successfully punctures Gotou, who in turn becomes furious for being impaled by a lone human. Just when he is about to kill the boy, his body suddenly changes and Migi manages to return to Shinichi’s right arm and dodges the attack from the enemy. The toxins from the rod that Shinichi used to pierce Gotou cause the other parasites in his body to struggle and explode upon Migi’s attack, killing the host in an instant. However, even after the blast, Gotou still tries to summon the smaller cells in his body to revive himself. Migi lets Shinichi decide whether he will totally annihilate Gotou or just let him regenerate since he doesn’t want to murder his own kind. After hesitating for a while, Shinichi finally makes up his mind and decides to kill Gotou for the sake of his family and humanity.

“Who decides the relative value of human and non-human lives? I don’t want to kill him. To end a life that’s trying so hard to survive…” ©Madhouse

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