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Noblesse (Review)

Genre: Shounen, Action, Comedy, Mystery, Supernatural


Rai, a vampire who slept for more than 800 years, wakes up in the 21st century only to get surprised with the changes in the world since his long slumber. He enjoys his new life at the school which his servant, Frankenstein, established. One day, his friends get in danger from mysterious attackers, so Rai starts to fight the enemies with Frankenstein and other vampires to save mankind. (Source: Naver/edited)

©노블레스 손제호 / 이광수

Noblesse is a Korean webtoon written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Lee Kwang Soo. It was first published on Naver in 2007 and it currently has 343 episodes. I have just recently begun reading this a few days ago and it actually exceeded my expectations. What’s good about this webtoon is that the chapters are released every week, unlike other Korean manhwa that I have read before where it takes months before they are updated. The story revolves around magical beings such as vampires (Nobles) and werewolves who get entangled in the human world. The humans have continuously sought more power over the years, which enabled them to create modified humans through experiments conducted by some organizations and individuals. Hence, the fight among humans, nobles and werewolves started.

All the chapters in this webtoon are brilliantly drawn by Lee Kwang Soo and what’s even better is that all the panels are colored! (I guess this is one of the special features of an online manhwa.)  This makes it even more different compared to the traditional black and white pages of a Japanese manga/Korean manhwa.  It makes the drawing more vivid and provides more life to the characters in the story. It is in fact, almost similar to an anime. (Though it’s almost impossible, I still hope that Noblesse will have an anime adaptation in the future because it has a lot of potential. I actually chanced upon a video/teaser on Youtube about Noblesse, but unfortunately, it seemed like there was nothing more to it. I just don’t understand why Koreans don’t animate their manhwa. It’s such a waste. T.T)



The story line is great and each character has his/her own share of limelight.  The pace is also good and the scenes don’t seem rushed. Everything is well-organized which makes it even easier to comprehend what’s going on in the entire series. It’s written in a way that enables the readers to connect with the characters and relate to them completely. If there would be any downside to this, that would probably be the fact that your bias list would get ruined every time a new character is introduced. LOL. You would totally be overwhelmed with all the bishounen that you would meet in the story.

The third factor that makes Noblesse a must-read webtoon is its humorous content. Almost every episode has at least one or two comedic scenes that would definitely leave you roaring in laughter. You see, the noblesse here in the story is supposed to act like a royalty whose power is even stronger than the Lord of the nobles, but you wouldn’t expect him to be a total noob. The rest of the characters (especially RK-5 and the students) complement each other to provide its readers some comedic relief from the intense and gripping fight scenes in the chapters.


No, M-21, the banana doesn’t hold any secret.

The story hasn’t concluded yet, but I’m sure that my current impression about it will not change. To wrap things up, I’d give this webtoon a rating of 10 out of 10! The art, the story, the characters—-everything is perfect. *WINK* It’s definitely a must-read webtoon.

You can read the English version here.