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Death Parade Ep. 8 – “Death Rally” (Summary)

Two new guests have arrived at Quindecim, and the moment the information is sent to Decim, he makes a call to Nona to confirm the situation, not knowing that it was actually her who set him up with the special guests, one of whom is apparently a murderer.


After Decim explains the situation to the two, Tatsumi, a detective, asks for the cooperation of Shimada, a young man in his 20s, to uncover the truth about their plight. They both agree to play air hockey, and as the game progresses, they regain bits of their memories. Tatsumi’s wife was murdered, and he is on the lookout to find the killer. Shimada, on the other hand, seeks revenge to the man who assaulted his younger sister.

“It may sound strange for a detective to say this…but once I get out of here, I’m…killing someone. My wife, you see, was murdered.” ©Madhouse

“My sister…My sister was assaulted. I just can’t…I just can’t let him get away with it.” ©Madhouse

The game becomes more intense since both of them want to get out of Quindecim as soon as possible. Decim decides to alter the game a bit and links the plucks to the players’ organs, which will cause pain to the affected body part. The black-haired woman asks Decim to show her the memories that were sent to him beforehand, and after he makes the request, the players’ memories are transmitted to her. After they are sent, her expression instantly changes as she realizes that both Tatsumi and Shimada are killers.