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Death Parade Ep. 3 – “Rolling Ballade” (Summary)


A man wakes up in Quin Decim where he joins a woman in playing bowling after Decim and his assistant explain to them their circumstances. Both of them don’t recall anything before arriving at the bar, and the lady doesn’t even remember her name. The bowling balls that are used in the game have the representation of their hearts inside, and the rules are similar to that of a regular match. The game commences without a hitch and the overall atmosphere is amicable. Shigeru asks the woman to go out with him if he wins the bowling match. However, as the two progress with the game, fragments of their memories start to flash before them.

“I remember! I’m Chisato! Miyazaki Chisato! Remember, we used to play together at the park? Together with Mai!” ©Madhouse



The woman finally remembers her name, and introduces herself as Chisato Miyazaki. Shigeru instantly recognizes the name as they both used to play at the park with their other childhood friend, Mai Takada. As Shigeru knocks down all the pins during his last turn, he finally realizes that they are already dead after the bus they were traveling in got in an accident. Chisato, unaware of what he has discovered, aims for the gutter ball and right then, she regains her memories. She is, in fact, Mai Takada, and not Chisato Miyazaki. She has been so in love with Shigeru since they were kids that she decided to have plastic surgery to catch his eye. However, even after knowing the truth, Shigeru still asks her out on a date, and Decim permits him and Mai to spend some time together before they bid their poignant farewell. Decim and Onna send them off to their respective destination, which is both in the afterlife where they will be reincarnated.

Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep. 3 – “Hangman” (Summary)

Kaneki and Ayato, together with the other ghouls, attack a CCG police van to rescue Naki, who is devastated upon discovering the death of his boss, Yamori. However, he is not aware that it was Kaneki who defeated Yamori, and he even thanks him for teaching him how to write his boss’ name and proceeds to call him a good guy.


“Hey, did you hear? About that new guy, the eyepatch. They say that he ate Mr. Yamori. Apparently, he cannibalized him.” ©Pierrot

Hinami attends Takatsuki Sen’s book signing event, in which she asks the author to write Kaneki Ken’s name in the book since she plans to give it to him as a present. Nishiki, on the other hand, briefly tours Touka in Kamii University before leaving her all by herself to meet his girlfriend Kimi. Touka continues to walk around the area until she spots a poster of Kaneki on the school’s bulletin board. She also meets Hideyoshi Nagachika and they briefly talk about Kaneki who is missing. After the short conversation, Hide returns to his work as a messenger in CCG where he surreptitiously acquires information about the “eyepatched ghoul” from Seidou.


Juuzou Suzuya finally obtains his new quinque and names it Juuzou’s Jason. Kousuke Houji and his partner Seidou Takizawa present a report to him, Amon, Mado and Shinohara regarding their discovery. Their investigation points out the accident that happened months ago, where a man received an organ transplant from a deceased woman without his consent. They figure out the young man to be Kaneki Ken from Kamii University, who has gone missing after the surgery.

Seidou: “The young man’s name is Kaneki Ken. He was a student who went to Kamii University.” ©Pierrot