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Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep. 11 – “Deluge of Flowers” (Summary)

The appearance of the real One-Eyed Owl catches the investigators off guard, which results to their quick defeat. Just when the ghoul is about to strike Juuzou, Shinohara shields his subordinate, receiving the deadly blow instead. Juuzou, upon seeing the bloodied form of Shinohara, continues to fight the enemy but he fails to injure it. Just then, Arima finally arrives and he immediately attacks the Owl.


Akira Mado is commanded by Yoshitoki Washuu to assist the 4th Division Squad led by Koutarou Amon who is already fighting with Ken Kaneki. Tatara flings Seidou to Noro after he refuses to tell the whereabouts of Hoji. The other Aogiri members, including Ayato and Naki, also participate in the clash between the doves and ghouls.


The One-Eyed Owl swallows the unconscious body of Yoshimura before fleeing after Arima starts to overpower her. It is then revealed that Takatsuki Sen is Eto, who is also known as the One-Eyed Owl of Aogiri.


Both Kaneki and Amon suffer from heavy injuries as their battle comes to an end. Kaneki loses consciousness for a while but when he wakes up, he finds himself in Anteiku, where he is greeted by his best friend, Hideyoshi.




Parasyte The Maxim Episode 11: The Blue Bird (Summary)


The episode starts with a drunk woman talking with a man in a park. She pulls out a few strands of hair from the guy who turns out to be a “parasite”, and she ends up being killed and eaten by him and another female parasite.

Meanwhile, Kana dreams that she is being chased and surrounded by a group of monsters but then Shinichi saves her. The following day, she waits for him on his way to school and he warns her again not to get so close to him and to stay out of danger. When Shinichi leaves her to talk to Migi, Kana meets Murano and the latter asks the former if she also senses any changes with Shinichi.

“This is an experiment to see how far we can go against a group with guns and edged weapons.” ©Madhouse

Another parasite which is disguised as a man gets out of the car and enters a building where the yakuza are gathered. He kills all of them as an experiment to test his limits against humans armored with guns and blades. After he escapes, he kidnaps another man from the group who try to chase him and uses his body as another disguise. He returns to the car with Kusano and drives off to go back to their boss. The news of the massacre reaches Shinichi who is perplexed with the real motive behind the killing.

Shinichi asks Murano out and the two go on a date. However, she still senses that something is different with him especially after the incident where Shinichi clutches his chest as he suddenly remembers his mom. After their date, he walks her home and they both share a kiss, and Kana witnesses the scene.

KANA: You stupid girl. You knew this from the start. ©Madhouse

That night, she reprimands herself for setting her hopes too high even though she already knew from the start that Shinichi likes Murano. Nonetheless, she still calls him and asks him to meet her the next day. Shinichi complies since she told him that it would be the last favor she’ll ask. He arrives at their meeting place a little earlier when Migi informs him about the other parasites that it senses not far from their location. He tries to search for them and he accidentally makes an eye contact with Goto, the one who massacred the yakuza. Hirokawa Takeshi, the candidate running for the mayoral position, is with the other parasites on the platform, including two more below them. Migi advises Shinichi to get out of the area for the meantime since the others don’t seem to be interested in them. However, just as he is about to leave, Kana arrives and the situation gets even worse as the parasite sees them together.


Summary: Ao Haru Ride Episode 11

WARNING: Spoilers.

The episode begins with a flashback from Kou’s past during the time when his mom was hospitalized. The doctor was a bit hesitant to tell him about his mother’s condition. But without any other relatives aside from him, the doctor had no choice but to disclose the real status of his mom’s sickness. It was revealed that she had a lung cancer and had only half a year left to live. Kou tried to pretend as if nothing was wrong but his mom sensed everything and she decided to spend her remaining time with his son. However, Kou had a different goal that time and that was to study hard and get a good job to earn money for her. But his mom only wanted to spend time eating meals with him and watching TV as much as she could, and Kou later realized that he was wrong with his initial goal. He was shown in his house alone, desperately clutching to his mom’s shawl while crying. The phone rang but he didn’t answer it; it was his brother Yoichi. As Kou broke into tears while muttering words of apology, he saw a vision of Futaba running towards him, with an amazing expression on her face.

Yoshioka running

Kou wakes up and realizes that it was just a dream. The following day, his friends drag him to the library for another group study. He excuses himself for a moment and tells them that he will only go to the bathroom. However, he doesn’t return anymore and everyone realize that they got deceived by Kou. Futaba directs everyone to chase after Kou and as she is walking backwards, she bumps into a male student. She steps on his foot and falls on top of the guy. Flustered, Yoshioka tries once again to apologize but her hand accidentally touches the guy’s *beep*. (If you know what I mean. HAHAHA!)

"I'm sorry!"

“I’m sorry!”

Futaba screams and says sorry again as she dashes out of the library, her friends running after her. They all ended up in a cafe since they couldn’t find Kou anymore. They discuss how Kou was acting strange toward them when they thought that he was already getting closer to them.

Later that day, Futaba incessantly rings the doorbell to Kou’s house but he isn’t at home yet. Tanaka sensei opens the door and sees Yoshioka there. She complains to him how his brother doesn’t open the door of his heart to her and his friends. She tells him that it seems to be locked, but Yoichi further adds that Kou probably even forgot to put a doorknob at all, let alone a keyhole to his heart. Futaba asks for an advice, but Tanaka doesn’t know the answer either. With a renewed resolution, she decides to just break her way into his heart as she runs to find him. Tanaka smiles and points out how she is similar to a “storm”.

Futaba eventually finds Kou and confronts him. However, he argues back that she probably couldn’t understand his feelings when his mom passed away. Teary-eyed, Futaba advances toward him and bangs his chest, as if trying to forcibly break open the locked door to his heart. Kou grabs her hand and asks her why she is trying so hard to get involved with him, just like the others. He adds that it only makes him scared. Upon hearing that, Futaba suddenly advances toward him and they both trip and fall down to the ground. She lands on top of him (and he thinks she is actually pretty heavy LOL.) She continues to lecture him and tells him that it’s already too late for him to avoid them because him being scared only shows that he already started being concerned about his friends. Kou finally understands her and realizes that he only wants to be permitted to let his heart be moved and find meaning in his life. He hugs her as tears stream down his face.

They both continue to embrace each other while crying, and Kou becomes aware of the fact that he might have only been waiting for something to come to his life—something like a “storm” that his brother indicated earlier. 

Koutaba hugging each other

(Aww. Just look at those two.This episode is definitely loaded with overwhelming emotions and them embracing each other like that is the perfect way to end this roller coaster ride.)