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Death Parade Ep. 12 – “Suicide Tour” (Summary)

“I…can’t press it. Everyone…has feelings for someone. I know that…but even if they have nothing to do with me, somewhere, there is definitely someone else who cherishes them.” ©Madhouse

After receiving the memories of Chiyuki that he requested, Decim takes her to the lowest level which is usually off-limits for the guests. There, he brings Chiyuki back to her house where she meets her mother who is still grieving for her loss. A surge of emotions overwhelms her, and Decim gives her the opportunity to be brought back to life in an instant in exchange for someone else’s life. As she is about to press the button, she suddenly remembers the people she met in Quindecim and she realizes how all of them cherish someone in their lives. She turns down his offer as she looks at her mom and apologizes to her even though her mother cannot see or hear her. That instance, Decim clutches his chest as he finally understands what sorrow is. As Chiyuki changes her mind and asks him to press the button himself, the background breaks into pieces and reveals the lowest floor of the tower where dummies are piled up. Decim apologizes to her and informs her that he just made up everything as part of his judgment as an arbiter.

DECIM: “It hurts. This…is sorrow, right? I just…wanted to know you better. To understand you better.” ©Madhouse

The two of them have no idea that they are being watched by Nona and Oculus who are both surprised by how the situation turns out. Oculus insists that arbiters should not have emotions as this will only get in their way of judging. Nona thinks otherwise, but he doesn’t press on the matter any further.

OCULUS: “Four. Arbiters may not work hand in hand with life…for that will ruin them.” ©Madhouse

Decim apologizes to Chiyuki once more and she embraces him as they both cry their hearts out. Before the elevator to Quindecim closes, Chiyuki sheds tears when Decim flashes her a genuine smile as he reminisces his memories of her. He bids farewell to her as she is sent to reincarnation.

“Farewell.” ©Madhouse

As the episode concludes, two new guests arrive at Quindecim where they are welcomed by the bartender. Decim smiles at them as a dummy of Chiyuki is shown seated beside him.

Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep. 12 – “Ken” (Summary)

“Kaneki, thanks for going all-out trying to save me back then.” ©Pierrot

When Kaneki wakes up, he finds himself inside Anteiku, where his friend Hideyoshi greets him with a cup of coffee. Kaneki tries to cover his left eye, but he is surprised to learn that Hide already knows that he is the “eyepatch” ghoul. His friend even thanks him for saving him when he was beaten by Nishio before. Regardless of his new identity, Hide still considers him as his best friend and his impression of him didn’t change at all. However, their conversation gets cut when Hide suddenly collapses on his own pool of blood. It turns out that he is injured because of the raid and as his consciousness starts to drift away, he asks Kaneki to go home together.


Outside the coffee shop, the remaining officers aid their colleagues and rescue those who survived the battle. Kuroiwa is severely injured, but Shinohara is still unconscious and is in a much more critical condition. Marude calls Koutarou Amon, but there is no answer from him. The cold night turns fiery as the sky is filled with sparks from the fire that devours Anteiku. Touka cries as she sees the cafe getting burned, but she also gets surprised when Kaneki comes out of the building carrying someone covered in white sheets. She tries to chase him but Renji Yomo stops her as part of the final order given to him by Yoshimura. They silently watch as Kaneki walks in the middle of the snow-covered road filled with corpses of ghouls and officers who died in the battle. Everyone just stares at him as he carries the lifeless body of his friend Hideyoshi. After he puts him down, Arima walks to him and takes his suitcase, implying that a battle between him and the CCG reaper ensues.



The next day, Arima is shown standing still in the middle of the snow-clad road with his quinque stuck in the ground, and Kaneki is nowhere to be seen. The episode concludes with a time skip after the Anteiku raid where Touka opens her own coffee shop and begins a new chapter of her life.

“All right. Let’s do this.” ©Pierrot

Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep. 2 – “Dancing Flowers” (Summary)

The beginning of the episode shows a brief recollection during the first battle of CCG against the One-eyed Owl. Kureo Mado and Yukinori Shinohara were faced with the overwhelming strength of the ghoul, but it was Kishou Arima who rushed headlong into battle with the enemy.


The scene is cut and the setting resumes to the present time where the high-ranking CCG investigators are having a conference. They discuss the situation regarding the Aogiri group and its connection with the “eye-patched” ghoul. After the meeting, Shinohara and Iwao express their opinion about the apparent changes with the One-Eyed Owl during their first encounter with him compared to the most recent one.

Shinohara formally introduces Akira Mado as Koutarou Amon’s new partner. Akira is the daughter of Kureo Mado and the rival of Seidou Takizawa who is her classmate from the Academy. She presents her accurate deductions concerning the ghouls such as the binge eater, the Gourmet and the Aogiri Tree to Amon, Suzuya, Shinohara, Seidou and Houji.

Poor Amon. XD ©Pierrot

Touka, on the other hand, spends most of her time studying for the entrance exam to get in Kamii University. The staff of Anteiku are also busy preparing for the opening of the cafe after it was closed during their fight with Aogiri. Uta, Itori and Yomo visit the coffee shop to celebrate its reinstatement together with Touka, Hinami, Nishio, Yoshimura, Koma and Irimi.


Meanwhile, Kaneki continues to work with Aogiri with Ayato as his partner. Towards the end of the episode, Eto is seen entering a room and undressing her bandages. The lower part of her face is shown as she smiles while uttering the name of Kaneki.


Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep.1 – “Faith” (Summary)

The opening of the episode simultaneously shows Hideyoshi bicycling as he looks for his best friend Kaneki who in turn walks out of the cell where he defeated his torturer, Jason. The battle between the CCG investigators and the Aogiri members continues as Shinohara and Kuroiwa equip themselves with their quinques and aratas to fight the “One-Eyed Owl” alongside Hirako and Amon.


Meanwhile, Yomo teams up with Tsukiyama and Uta to fight against Aogiri’s Noro but they fail to inflict any serious damage to him since he has strong regenerative abilities. Noro withdraws from the fight when his alarm rings and the other three decide not to follow him. On the other hand, Touka gets beaten by Ayato in a one-sided match where the latter snips her kagune. Just before she loses her consciousness, Kaneki saves her and begins to fight Ayato as well. Their battle only lasts for a short time as Noro picks up Ayato and leaves the building. Just then, the Aogiri hideout suddenly begins to crumble and Tsukiyama arrives just in time to free Banjou and three other ghouls from the collapsing building. The “Owl” saves Shinohara and Kuroiwa when a tank almost topples them before disappearing from the scene while Kaneki carries Touka outside to safety along with Nishio. However, Kaneki immediately walks back to the hideout as he asks Nishio to look after Touka. While he is looking at the corpses, Eto appears before him.

New characters, including Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa, together with a man who seems to be Dr. Kanou are also introduced.  

Other characters are also introduced, which I presume to be Dr. Kanou and his experiments, Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa. The ghouls below are members of Pierrot, and the one wearing the Clown mask (I suppose) is Nico. ©Pierrot

Afterwards, Kaneki comes back to where Touka is to tell her that he will not be going back to Anteiku anymore. He informs her that he will be going over to Aogiri, much to her surprise. With that, Kaneki starts to walk away, leaving Touka as she frailly attempts to reach and stop him.

Kaneki is seen back in the hideout where Eto, Noro, Tatara and a displeased Ayato are waiting for him. The four Aogiri members start to leave, and Kaneki follows them.


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Ep. 12-A Pressing Appeal -I Love You- (Summary)

It turns out that the “mama” that Reika greeted is the “Big Mama” from the local bar. Kyouya’s real mom looks much more elegant, and she resembles him more than Reika, with her short, blonde hair befitting her small body frame.

She tries her best to get along well with Erika since she is the girlfriend of her son. While Reika and Erika are washing the dishes, the former starts to narrate the life that Kyouya had after their parents separated. He tried to cope with the situation by closing his heart to anyone and establishing a cold personality. His mom, on the other hand, feels guilty and she believes that she is the one responsible for the sudden change in her son’s personality.

Erika and Reika decide to see the fireworks festival together, but Kyouya suddenly tags along. The three of them walk together, and as they stroll around the venue, Reika reminisces the times that she and Kyouya were with their mother. Kyouya tries to shove those memories off and ignores his sister. Erika sees a stall selling candied apples so she goes to buy some and asks Kyouya to give the other one to his mom.

However, Kyouya refuses to give it so Erika pretends to be sad and tells him that she will just go to the bathroom. Instead, she calls his mom and makes up an excuse to make her go to the festival so she can resolve her issues with Kyouya. However, as she is talking with her on the phone, Erika gets bumped by other people and the pendant of the necklace that Kyouya gave her gets lost.

After waiting for her for a few minutes, Reika and Kyouya decide to look for her. While going around the venue, the two are surprised to see their mom. She tells them about the strange phone call that she received from Erika and together, they continue searching for her. Eventually, they find her at the dumpster rummaging through the heaps of garbage, looking for the pendant, but it is Hitomi who finds it nearby.

At home, Kyouya thanks his mom for helping them find the necklace, much to Hitomi’s surprise. The two of them finally reconcile, with Kyouya telling her that he will come to Kobe more often. On their way back to Tokyo, Erika looks at the childhood photos of Kyouya that Reika gave her. Kyouya sees the picture of him with the snowman and finally realizes the situation back then.

The scene concludes as Kyouya kisses Erika in their school’s rooftop, implying the blossoming relationship of the two as the episode comes to an end.


Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12: GHOUL (Summary)

(The series already concluded last month, September 18, but I only started watching all the episodes yesterday. Hence, I decided to just make a summary of the final episode even though it’s too late already. ^^)

Apart from all the physical torture that Kaneki has endured from “Jason”, he also suffers from mental torment from Rize. She asks him about his mother, and Kaneki recollects the time he spent with his mom until she passed away due to overwork. He strongly believes that “it’s better to be hurt than to hurt others“, just like what his mother taught him. Meanwhile, Kaneki continues to count backwards by sevens from one thousand as ordered by Yamori to keep himself sane amidst the excruciating agony he experiences.

“Meanwhile, Yamamori took my hands and feet…again and again, again and again, and again, and again, and AGAIN…” ©Pierrot

His fingers and toes are repeatedly extracted using a pair of pincers, due to his extraordinary regenerative powers. Jason also inserts a red-headed centipede in Kaneki’s ear, as he begs him to just finish him off immediately. Instead, Jason presents him with an unbearable task, and that is to choose who he is going to kill between Shu and Haru. However, since Kaneki cannot choose between the two who helped him earlier, Jason decides to kill both of them. Because of that, Kaneki blames himself for not being able to do anything. Rize continues to mock and daunt him for his inability to change himself and his beliefs.

She proceeds to remind him about his mother, and Kaneki soon falls into her trap. He finally gives in to his ghoulish psyche, and as his world drowns in red and his hair turns white, he devours Rize and finally embraces and acknowledges himself as a GHOUL.

“I’m not the one who’s wrong. What’s wrong…is the world!” ©Pierrot

Back in the chamber, Jason, who is still clueless about the changes in his prey, tells Kaneki that their time is about to end since the doves are closing in on the place. As Jason releases his kagune to devour him, Kaneki quickly unchains himself and bites the Aogiri member instead. During the course of their battle, Kaneki launches his Rinkaku kagune which eventually knocks Jason off even with his incomplete kakuja. He remains conscious though, as Kaneki questions him about numbers. He repeatedly strikes him as Jason begins counting backwards by sevens. Sitting on top of the tearful ghoul, Kaneki cracks his finger, a trait he inherited from his torturer, as he opens his mouth to devour him.

“You tried to devour me. So you have no room to complain…if I eat you, do you?” ©Pierrot


(Like what most fans probably felt, I was also kinda disappointed with the ending. It was a total cliffhanger, and because I was eager to know what’s gonna happen next, I decided to start reading the manga from the very start. I want to develop a much more established connection with the characters, especially with Kaneki. On the other hand, I must also give my compliments to the animation team. The fight scenes put me at the edge of my seat, and the amount of blood and brutality left me cringing. (But at the same time, there was this part of me that still wanted to continue watching them.) Though there were some changes in the story, the team still did a great job compressing some of the important parts in just 12 episodes. (Although the new characters were not properly introduced and the sequence of events were not put in the correct order like in the manga.) Anyway,the story has just begun, so I’m pretty sure that there will be a second season to describe the continuation of the events following the transformation of the main protagonist. And I’m gonna wait for it! ^^)

Barakamon Episode 12: “Glad that you’re back” – Summary


Miwa deceives the children into making them clean the house to prepare for Seishu’s homecoming even though she was the one who did the mess. However, back in Tokyo, Seishu’s mother, Emi Handa, prevents him from returning to Gotō Island. A package also arrives and when Sei opens it, he sees some snacks and toys from Naru and the other children. Tamako and Miwa also include the calligraphy documents in the box and when Seishu sees them, a nostalgic look registers on his face. After seeing that expression, Emi finally gives up and allows her son to go there again. It is also revealed that Seimei Handa used to live in the same island 35 years ago.

“Your mom is really a pain.”

When they learned from Aki that their sensei is arriving that night, they all begin cleaning up the house once again. Seishu, on the other hand, arrives at the island and waits for the village chief to fetch him from the airport. Shortly after, he decides to walk thinking that he will definitely bump into Yūjirō Kido on his way. He encounters a couple of misfortunes on his way but luckily for him, Naru’s grandfather passes by and offers him a ride. The same scene brings back memories from his first trip to the island. When he gets off at the store, he receives a call from Kawafuji informing him about the results of the calligraphy contest.

Aki informs the rest of the gang about it and they get worried about the exhibit results. While they are speculating about the outcome of the exhibit and the possible reaction from Seishu, Kentaro opens the door and informs them that “sensei” is already on his way. They all panic since they are caught off-guard and cannot find the party poppers that they prepared beforehand. The moment Miwa finds them, the door suddenly opens and Seishu pops out. Everyone charges toward him with Naru on the lead and pops out the party poppers. They all fall down and Naru hugs him as she questions him about the exhibition contest. Miwa and Tamako scolds her for asking him about such delicate issues but Sei doesn’t seem to be in the bad mood at all. When they ask him if he got a good place, he just responds with a vague yes. However, back in Tokyo, Kōsuke Kanzaki is petrified upon hearing the results of the exhibition. It turns out that Sei only ranked fifth while Kōsuke was in 7th place.

“Sensei’s back, everyone!”

Everyone prepares a meal for Seishu to welcome and congratulate him at the same time. They ask him about the piece that he sent to the calligraphy contest, but he is somewhat flustered to answer. He just vaguely tells them that the subject that he used for the exhibit is about the most important thing for him. They all make assumptions about it, but the truth is, the piece that Sei exhibited contains the names of everyone he met in the island, which only means that he is actually referring to them as the most important people for him.

In the middle of their chitchat, Naru tells Sei how fun it is to be with everyone. He tells her that he also gets influenced by them just by looking at their happy expressions. The episode ends with Sei explaining to Naru that the time they are spending together is what’s important right at that moment.~~~

“It just means this time now is what’s important.”

(*sobs* I just watched all its episodes last week, but in just a matter of hours, this anime already touched my heart. </3 I’m hoping for another season T.T)

Ao Haru Ride Final Episode

The episode starts with the previous scene between Futaba and Kou. They continue embracing each other for a while. After the long hug, Futaba suddenly feels flustered but she decides to use the opportunity to confess to Kou. However, the moment she opens her mouth to speak, her stomach suddenly growls and ruins the romantic setting of the two. Kou invites her to go and grab something to eat but she refuses, informing him about his brother who is probably waiting for him to eat dinner at home. She instructs him to tell his brother personally that he doesn’t resent him. They walk home together and before bidding each other good bye, Kou thanks her for what she has done. They both smile and walk to opposite directions. Futaba feels glad and relieved that she has finally entered the door to Kou’s heart, and she vows to herself that she will continue to break her way in if necessary.

When Kou arrives home, he is greeted by his older brother but as usual, he just goes to his room without saying anything. From his room, he hears the arrival of his father who is also welcomed by Youichi. He decides to go back downstairs and eat dinner with them, which surprises his brother. While he is setting the table, his father enters the kitchen and pats his head when he greets him. Before they could even start eating, Youichi suddenly starts crying. He states that he has long been waiting for this day to come. The three of them gradually begin talking to each other and Kou tells his dad and brother that he is thinking of changing his surname soon.

The following day in school, Futaba arrives in their classroom first. She wonders how she is going to interact with Kou after what happened last night. When Kou enters the room, they both glance at each other and feel embarrassed at the same time.

Kominato comes in afterwards and complains to Kou for ditching them yesterday. Much to their surprise, Kou asks them if they are free today, and they all spend their time studying together for their exams. When the scores are announced, Kou surprisingly gets a higher grade compared to his friends who taught him that he feels somewhat bad about it. While they are looking at the bulletin board, Futaba spots the guy she met at the library before and when Touma sees her, he immediately walks away from the crowd, recognizing her as the perverted girl he encountered before.

The pervert girl?!

On their last day before the start of their summer vacation, Futaba and Yuuri search for Kou so they can all discuss their plans for their vacation. While Shuuko is going down the stairs, Tanaka-sensei calls out to her. She informs him that even though she already has a circle of friends, her feelings for him remain the same. Youichi assures her that he doesn’t think of her as an annoyance, which makes Shuuko blush. After she left, Kominato threatens Youichi that if he gives Shuuko the wrong idea and hurt her in the end, he is going to pay for it. To which Youichi replies:

KYAAA! Sorry, let’s go back to the story.

Kominato gets extremely annoyed at him and wonders why he likes Kou whereas his brother is a jerk. Futaba calls him while he is absorbed in his own thoughts and gets surprised why the four of them are gathered. She informs him about their plans to discuss how they are going to spend their vacation, and Kou once again tries to get out of the situation. He tells them that they can just sort it out through e-mail, but his friends refute by saying that it is more fun if they will do it together.

At the end of the episode, it is shown that all five of them are walking together while chatting. Futaba recalls the time she decided to change herself and how it became the start of her friendship with Yuuri, Shuuko and Kominato. She accidentally locks eyes with Kou for a brief moment before they both turn away shyly. She remembers all the time she has spent with Kou and promises to herself that she will make more memories with him and the rest of her friends as she slowly takes her steps ahead…

 Okay. There better be a second season soon. *fingers crossed*

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12: A Swim-Off in a Foreign Land!

(NOTE: This is a “nosebleed” episode for Haru. HAHAHA!)

“What is he saying?”

Haruka Nanase and Rin Matsuoka arrive in Australia together after the latter invited Haru to come with him. Rin tours his friend around the area and brings him to an ocean to help him relax. However, Haru is not in the mood to swim so Rin sits beside him and shares his experiences with him during his first time in the said country. He had difficulty adjusting that time but knowing that Haru and Sousuke were just beyond the ocean, he managed to cope with his new life in Australia together with the help of his swimming coach and his host family.

Russel and Lori are surprised and delighted to see Rin once again together with his friend Haru. They were Rin’s host family and they are excited to finally meet Haru since Rin had mentioned him a lot when he was a kid as someone that he looked up to. After dinner, the couple drive the two to their hotel. When Rin and Haru enter their room, they are shocked to find a single bed inside. The hotel receptionist must have mistaken their names for a girl and they both blame each other because of that LOL. Rin tries to fix the issue but the front desk officer refuses his request since all the rooms are already occupied. His only option is to cancel his reservation but he needs to pay extra charges for that. So without any other choice, Rin and Haru share the same bed. (HaruRin ALERT! XD)

But both of them cannot sleep so they just chat a bit more as they recollect their memories of their first meeting and their tournaments. Rin once again affirms his admiration for his swimming buddy and the same world that they will enter together. The following day, he brings Haru to an aquatic center that also serves as the venue for international swimming competitions. He asks him if he wants to swim and he lends him one of his swimming trunks. However, they are not the only ones in the area. Rin spots the members of the National Team who also use the pool for their swimming practice. With a challenging tone, he tells Haru that there is another recreational pool available for those who don’t have the guts to swim beside the National Team. In the end, they decide to use the same pool and as Haru readies himself, a guy from the National Team positions himself beside him. He briefly greets and prods Haru as he jumps in the pool. Haru, on the other hand, envisions himself standing in the very same stadium in front of a big crowd and makes up his mind. He is overcome with his desire to keep swimming as he spreads his wings toward his dream. Haru and Rin chat with each other outside after swimming. Rin informs him about his coach who used to train him while he was studying in Australia. He said he plans to formally join his coach’s team before he heads back to Japan. And Haru, with a renewed spirit and sparkling eyes, tells Rin that he, too, has already found it.

Kyaa! The amount of “feels” I have for HaruRin is too high! HAHAHA! I really like Miyano Mamoru’s English dubbing here. Cuteness overload. And congratulations to Haru for finally realizing his dream! LOL.