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Naruto Chapter 700: Uzumaki Naruto!!! (ENDING)


The last chapter is set a few years after the Fourth Shinobi War. Naruto and Sasuke successfully dissolved Infinite Tsukuyomi and saved everyone who was put under the genjutsu. The first page of chapter 700 takes us back to where everything started: Konoha.

The class of Aburame Shino has finished earlier than usual since a Gokage meeting will take place in the village later. Bolt (Boruto) plans to do a prank and he invites his classmates with him. However, Inojin and Shikadai refuse to come while Chouchou goes with Anko-sensei to eat some dango and anmitsu. He walks out of the academy and complains how no one came with him. He is unaware of his other classmate, Sarada who pursues him secretly.

© Masashi Kishimoto

L-R: Shikadai, Himawari, Inojin, Chouchou, Lee’s son, Kurenai’s daughter, Bolt, Sarada © Masashi Kishimoto

Hinata and her daughter Himawari visit the grave of Neji, while Rock Lee continues to train arduously and passes his belief in youth onto his (presumably) son. Tenten, on the other hand, establishes her own weapon’s shop, but her business doesn’t seem to be going well since the world has already become too peaceful. Gaara and Kankuro drop by Temari‘s house before the meeting and there, they see their nephew Shikadai who has just gone back home after the class. Kiba is shown chatting with Tamaki, who used to work with her grandmother Nekobaa. 

© Masashi Kishimoto

L-R: Hinata, Tenten, Shino, Chouji, Karui, Ino, Sai, Rock Lee, Shikamaru and Kiba © Masashi Kishimoto

Meanwhile, Sai, Ino, Chouji and Karui are waiting for the children to begin their training but upon seeing his mom’s fury for them being late, Inojin gets scared to come out especially without Shikadai and Chouchou. Kurenai‘s daughter informs her mother about her trip with Kakashi and Gai after she offers some prayers in Asuma’s altar. Kakashi visits Gai who is now on a wheelchair and tells him about the nostalgic tour that he plans to take after quitting his job as the sixth hokage.

Kakashi and Gai © Masashi Kishimoto

Kakashi and Gai © Masashi Kishimoto

The Fourth Raikage points out how Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, has become weak over the years that they can’t even conduct their ex-kage meeting properly. The meeting, however, seems to be just a mere get-together of the former Kage where they simply drink and complain together. Tsunade tells Mei that it is already too late for her as the latter complains about the scarcity of nice men. Gyuki (Eight-tails) tells Killer B how busy Naruto is nowadays compared to him who is just playing around. He is thinking of visiting Naruto since he is bored.

The former Kage © Masashi Kishimoto

The former Kage conducting their own meeting © Masashi Kishimoto

Back to Konoha, Shikamaru informs the seventh Hokage about the meeting. However, before they can even leave, Udon and Moegi rush to the room and tell them about an emergency. The Hokage instantly understands the situation and he immediately goes to stop Bolt from ruining the Hokage Monument. He talks with his son and orders him to clean the mess. He explains his situation to his first child and tells him that he needs to endure it because he is also a ninja. They both climb down and Bolt is scolded by his teacher, Konohamaru.

Sarada returns home after stalking Bolt and she complains to her mother Sakura about how stupid guys are. Sakura instantly knows that she is referring to Bolt, but her daughter added that she feels like she resembles Bolt a little when it comes to their relationship with their fathers. It is shown that Sasuke continues to travel around the world.

Sasuke with his wife, Sakura and daughter, Sarada © Masashi Kishimoto

Sasuke with his wife, Sakura and daughter, Sarada © Masashi Kishimoto

The Gokage meeting has finally commenced, and the four leaders of each village are waiting for the arrival of the Hokage. The last Kage enters, and apologizes for being late. Kurotsuchi, the Fourth Tsuchikage and the Sixth Mizukage Chōjūrō both complain but Darui, who is now the Fifth Raikage tells the other two to just forgive him. Gaara signals everyone to stop with the personal chat and begin the summit. Uzumaki Naruto, who has finally achieved his dream of becoming the village’s Hokage, starts the  Gokage meeting, as Kurama is shown lazily napping somewhere in the village, and the page zooms to the statue of Naruto engraved in the Hokage Mountain.

© Masashi Kishimoto

© Masashi Kishimoto

© Masashi Kishimoto


The Last: Naruto the Movie Second Teaser

Another teaser about the upcoming Naruto movie has been released! “The Last: Naruto the Movie” is scheduled to premiere in Japan on December 6 as the tenth overall Naruto film, two years after Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja was released. Masashi Kishimoto himself is taking part in the film’s story concept and character designs, while Tsuneo Kobayashi is directing it. The film is also part of the “Naruto Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project” (Naruto’s New Era Opening Project) marking the 15th anniversary of the manga. Jun Fukuyama is joining the cast of the movie as Toneri Ōtsutsuki, a  descendant of the Ōtsutsuki bloodline. The story takes place years after the Fourth Shinobi War, and as the moon threatens to crumble and destroy the Earth, a mysterious man abducts Hanabi Hyuga. Naruto, together with his friends, must save Hinata’s younger sister in their final battle that will decide their fate.

© 岸本 斉史

© 岸本 斉史 Character Designs by Masashi Kishimoto

A 32-second teaser was revealed in July which showed Naruto with his new looks.

And to hype things up, a second teaser has been released which shows the rest of the characters such as Sai, Shikamaru, Hinata, Sasuke, Gaara and Kakashi.

Are you excited to see the new movie? Coz I definitely AM! 

Check out the official website of the movie here!

Otaku Alert: Pave Way for Cosplay Rumble Zone!

Several fans and anime/manga enthusiasts gathered today, August 23, for an event hosted by iCOZPLAY Philippines held at SM Center Las Piñas. The registration for the contest participants began at around 11 am and the program started at 2 o’clock. The entrance fee was only P30, and those who bought gadgets at the said mall from August 1-23 could enter the venue for free as long as they could present a proof of purchase.

I arrived at the mall at around past two in the afternoon since it was my last-minute decision to attend the event. There was also a heavy downpour before I went out but fortunately, it already stopped while I was on my way to the mall. When I got there, the show was already starting and there was like a runway show of teenage models. There were also raffle draws and those who were lucky enough to be selected from the audience got to take home some collectible items from one of the sponsors, Wakfu. They also gave brand new mobile phones from MyPhone and gift certificates worth P1,500 up to P5,000 from spa and derma clinics. Sounds great, huh? Unfortunately, I guess I really am unlucky when it comes to raffle draws that my name wasn’t called even once. But that was just fine for me. What I really wanted to win was the other lottery presented by Nash Leeho, a designer who also creates cosplay outfits, including some of those which were used during the event. He randomly selected two people from the crowd and the winners were awarded with free cosplay wardrobes worth P3,000 each which will also be personally designed and created by Nash Leeho himself. That was what I was hoping to win, but luck was really not on my side today. *sigh* 

This is the only souvenir I got from today's event. I managed to catch this poster when the MC threw it on our side.

This is the only souvenir I got from today’s event. I managed to catch this poster when the MC threw it on our side.

A big thanks to that mom who gave me this coupon. She was the actual winner from the raffle draw but out of nowhere, she just suddenly gave it to me. Now I have something to give to my mom. Teehee.

A big thanks to that mom who gave me this coupon. She was the actual winner from the raffle draw but out of nowhere, she just suddenly gave it to me. Now I have something to give to my mother. Teehee.

The show started with the Group Category and there were only three participants in the said division. After that, there was a short performance by IEM’s RainDrop which was immediately followed by the continuation of the contest. This time, it was the Chibi category, and that was probably the cutest set of cosplayers that I’ve ever seen so far. There were more than 10 kawaii girls and boys who graced the stage wearing their awesome costumes. They totally nailed it and they were in character throughout the whole competition. The audience particularly cheered for the kid who imitated Gaara, and she was actually my favorite from the group. The way she presented herself was very professional and when she partly transformed as Shukaku (Ichibi or One-Tail), the crowd erupted in cheers and admiration for her perfect portrayal of Gaara. And yes, she is a girl! I was also even surprised when I found out. I instantly became her fan and we took a photo together after her performance. (She was also behind me until the end of the show, and you guys don’t know how much I fangirled because of that. Lol.) Other children represented several characters from various animated films, games, tokusatsu and manga such as Bleach, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Kamen Rider Den-O, Dragon Ball, Monsters Inc., etc.

The children line up for a group photo op after their individual presentation on stage

The children line up for a group photo op after their individual presentation on stage

For the Individual Category, there were more than 20 contestants who went on stage to show off their outfits. Others danced while some of them displayed their martial arts/fighting skills just like the characters they were portraying. They also entertained the audience with their antics and funny background music and dance steps. The judges also asked some of the contestants regarding their costumes and the characters they chose to represent.

While waiting for the results of the competition, IEM’s RainDrop and Star Power Entertainment’s S.P.E. Dolls and Models entertained the audience with their dance performances and runway show. The cosplayers of Lupin III also went on stage to promote the upcoming screening of the anime’s live-action film adaptation in September in local cinemas. And before the event concluded, the hosts finally announced the winners of each categories, starting with the group division. The winners were:

Group Category:

  • Runner-up: The father and daughter tandem who cosplayed Loki from the Avengers/Thor


  • Champion: Team LOL (League of Legends)


Chibi Category: 

  • Runner-up: Sasha Brown of Shingeki no Kyojin


    This mini-version of Sasha Brown is ready to crush the Titans!

  • Champion: Ashley, the girl who cosplayed Gaara (Hooray! I knew she would win! Fangirl mode)
Sabaku no Gaara!

Sabaku no Gaara!

Individual Category: 

  • Runner-up: Predator
The Predator wins against the Alien

The Predator wins against the Alien

  • Champion: Christian Umali a.k.a War Machine
War Machine

War Machine

The prizes were as follows:

Individual Category Champion (P5,000.00 worth of SM Shopping Money)
1st Runner Up – (P2,500.00 worth of SM Shopping Money)
Chibi Category Champion (P3,000.00 worth of SM Shopping Money)
1st Runner Up – (P1,500.00 worth of SM Shopping Money)
Group Category Champion (P6,000.00 worth of SM Shopping Money)
1st Runner Up – (P2,000.00 worth of SM Shopping Money)

A special prize was also given to Cosplayer #10. She was granted a scholarship for a three-month modelling lesson sponsored by Star Power Entertainment.

The cosplay event ended at around 6:30 and all the winners from each category were gathered together for a photo op. It was indeed a blast! Kudos to all the sponsors and staff behind the success of this Cosplay Rumble Zone event and congratulations once again to the winners of the competitions. Thumbs up also to all the participants who took part in today’s event.

iCOZPLAY Philippines will be hosting another event this coming October 18 and 19 at Makati City. Dubbed as Toku Con, there will also be cosplay competitions, toy collectibles gallery, otaku goods and display during the event that will definitely delight the fans! To know more about the event, check this page.