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Naruto Chapter 694: Naruto and Sasuke

The confrontation between Sasuke and Naruto has already begun. The two decide to settle their affairs at the Final Valley where Hashirama and Madara’s statues are erected. Sasuke begins to explain his own definition of a “Hokage” and how his brother Itachi led him to his current resolution. He recounts the kind of life his brother had and why he still chose to protect the village that branded him as traitor in spite of the bitter experiences he encountered while living in darkness. Sasuke believes that Itachi was worthy of becoming the Hokage, though, according to him, his brother’s only flaw was leaving him alone in the dark. He grew up alone in despisal, and because of that, he believes that he can shoulder all the hatred by himself.

Naruto refutes by telling him that he shouldn’t deal with everything by himself even if he is strong. Both of them picture out the image of Itachi and the words he taught them when he was still alive. However, Naruto and Sasuke also have their own construals based on Itachi’s way of living, so they end up contradicting each other. Sasuke plans to eradicate the darkness of the past to start anew, and killing Naruto will be the last step towards the new beginning. But Naruto repudiates Sasuke’s ideologies and tells him that he will not let him erase the past which has thought him several things.

Meanwhile, Hagoromo is about to leave when Kakashi asks him what he should do. The Sage responds by saying that all he can do now is to believe in those two. Hagoromo recollects the time when he asked Naruto and Sasuke for their answers before bestowing them his powers. As expected, Naruto was optimistic when he said that he and Sasuke will become friends again. However, Sasuke was adamant with his decision to sever his ties with everyone to become the hokage that he wants. When asked why he is so determined to kill Naruto, Sasuke told the Sage that Naruto is the closest person he could refer to as his best friend. He believes that as long as Naruto is alive, he can never be alone and he can never accomplish his goal to become the darkness that he hopes to be. Naruto is the only bond left for him, and killing him is the only way for him to become alone in the dark.

“That guy’s the closest thing to a best friend I’ve ever had.”-Sasuke

(Excuse me while I go wipe my tears.)

Naruto Chapter 692: Revolution!


After Naruto bids farewell to his father Minato, all of the Kage vanish as each of them relays their final words to Naruto and his friends. The Hokage, in particular, entrust everything to them, especially to Naruto and Sasuke. As for the tailed beasts, they decide to go back to their homes since they are already free. Kurama, on the other hand, asks the Eight-tails about his plans. Gyuki responds that he will probably return to Bee as he has already gotten attached with him and his terrible rap. He then poses the same question to the Kyubi who remains silent. Hagoromo speaks up and informs the bijuu that they can communicate and set up a meeting place inside Naruto since he has bits of their chakra. He also appoints Kurama with the task of managing it, so he must remain inside his jinchuuriki. Kurama accepts the task without any second thoughts. (He just wants to stay inside Naruto, that’s why.) Hagoromo also asks Naruto and Sasuke if they changed their minds after the fight. Naruto states that his answer remains the same, although he realized even more how kindhearted his mom really was. And since Naruto and Sasuke successfully placed the seal, it should also dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi without any problems. All that’s left is for Sasuke’s answer.


Damn it, Sasuke.

And his first plan is to execute the five Kage that are still under the genjutsu. He decides that extracting his revenge by destruction would have been useless, so he has now changed his plans. He wants to become the Hokage and reform the entire Shinobi world through a revolution. Immediately after that, he casts all the tailed beasts under his control using his sharingan. With chibaku tensei, he seals the bijuu back, and before he gets totally contained in the sphere, Kurama pleads Naruto to help them. Naruto promises him that he will get them out of there soon no matter what.

Sasuke, on the other hand, implies that everyone who was in his way is now gone…everyone, except Naruto. Hagoromo laments and compares the turn out of events with the past situation of his sons. Naruto quickly objects with this and ascertains him that they will never end up like his sons Ashura and Indra, because…

brother's feud


And that’s the story of how the fandom started its own revolution as well LOL. And let’s face it. Majority of us fans (yep, including me!) got really mad at Sasuke for declaring a revolution especially when the fight with Kaguya has just ended. Well, let’s just wait and see what is going to happen in the next chapter, and if Naruto will really be able to stop Sasuke. (I wonder what’s going to happen to Kakashi, though. I hope he will not die. The fact that there is no draft of him for the upcoming movie makes me really anxious.)

Well, what do you guys think of this chapter? Comment your reactions below!

Naruto Chapter 691: Congratulations!

WARNING: You guys better prepare a roll of tissue or a handkerchief because this chapter is overflowing with emotions. And oh, this contains spoilers. Read this chapter here.

Following the defeat of Kaguya, Hagoromo, who summoned the previous Kage, thanks Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto for saving the world. This chapter is basically just about farewell. Kakashi thanks Obito for bestowing him his power, and the sharingan that he lent to his friend vanishes with him as Obito disappears to reunite with Rin. And so the curtain falls on Kakashi of the Sharingan.


Kurama giving Naruto the *dirty* finger. LOL. Actually, he is just trying to conceal his embarrassment.


Obito and Kakashi saying good bye to each other.

Meanwhile, Sasuke notices Madara lying on the ground, and as he tries to get near him, he is stopped by the Sage. Apparently, Madara cannot be saved anymore, so Hagoromo tells Sasuke and Naruto to get a glimpse of their last predecessors for the final time. Madara awakes to see Hashirama next to him and they both reminisce about their dreams and friendship. Somehow, Madara feels a little remorseful for the path he has taken, and he closes his eyes as he whispers his last words. (Believe me, this scene tore my heart to pieces esp. when I saw Hashirama’s expression.)


HashiMada talking to each other in their final moments. And look at that downcast expression of Hashirama. I am crestfallen as well.

Naruto, on the other hand, goes to Minato and there, they have their final conversation with each other as father and son. Minato greets Naruto a happy birthday, and promises to tell Kushina about everything as he bursts into tears.


And before he totally vanishes, Naruto asks his father to tell his mom not to worry about him. After all, he has a lot of really good friends and he has a dream that he wants to achieve, and that is to follow the steps of his father and become a good Hokage like him. He wants to assure her that he follows all her advice which serves as his guidance as he grows up. And as Minato and the other Kage fade away from the scene, Naruto finally lets out the tears that he has been holding back. It is an inevitable farewell, after all.  


So to sum it all, this chapter is all about these heartbreaking scenes between Hashirama/Madara, Kakashi/Obito and Naruto/Minato. Someone should have given me a warning before I read this manga. I didn’t expect to be crying just like Naruto in the picture above. But I guess it’s just right to do it this way. Just like what is written at the end of today’s chapter, THIS FAREWELL IS INEVITABLE, and this good bye is just the beginning of another episode in Naruto’s life. *sniffs*

Naruto Chapter 690: Ninja’s…!!!

(Alright. I’m just glad that the new chapter is finally out. I don’t know why it was delayed but nah. Better late than never. 😀 And oh, the newest episode of Naruto Shippuden is already out, as well. ^^)

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. 

For those who read the previous chapter, you would know that Sakura landed a punch on Kaguya, which enabled Sasuke and Naruto to corner her. And thus, Chapter 690 begins!

CHIBAKU TENSEI! With that, Sasuke and Naruto finally gets to seal Kaguya with the powers that are entrusted to them by Hagoromo. Kaguya laments over her defeat and recollects the image of her sons, Hagoromo and Hamura as she is being sealed again by the other two.  All of the tailed-beasts are also released as the earth crumples and forms into a gigantic ball. Son Goku (Four-Tails) compliments Kurama’s jinchuuriki for what he has done. (But he later points out how stupid Naruto actually is at the same time. Lol. ) Amidst the turmoil, Uchiha Madara gets spit out by one of the beasts and lays on the ground unconscious. Naruto, on the other hand, goes to search for Black Zetsu. He sends him off to the huge mass of rock when Zetsu tried to mock him as a brat who is just part of the shinobi history that he created.

Good bye, Zetsu.

Way to go, Naruto!

After he dispatches Zetsu, he returns to his team members and both he and Sakura fret on how they are going to get out of that dimension. At that moment, Hagoromo appears in front of them. Kurama and the rest of the tailed-beasts surround them, too. Joining them are the “Five Kage” from their respective villages who are summoned by Hagoromo.  Minato welcomes his son back as the chapter concludes with Hagoromo’s words of appreciation for everyone’s help to save the world.

The Five Kage: Hokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Raikage and Tsuchikage (cr: Mangapanda)

The Five Kage: Hokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Raikage and Tsuchikage (cr: Mangapanda)

(A small dose of HashiMada in this chapter. Teehee. Just look at that expression of Hashirama as he silently stares at Madara. *sniff* )

Can I just get Madara out of that place?

Can I just get Madara’s body? If no one’s willing to pay attention to him, then let me nurse him back to health. Lol.