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Parasyte The Maxim Ep.21 – “Sex and Spirit” (Summary)

The officers who cornered Takeshi Hirokawa shoots him several times after the latter addresses his thoughts about humans, parasites and the environment. They find out that he is actually a human and not a parasite. Right then, Gotou appears and slaughters all the officers, including Yamagishi. Uragami, on the other hand, also kills his escort and flees.


Gotou escapes and meets Shinichi outside the building and vows that he will return to kill him soon. Shinichi feels threatened so he thinks of running away since he knows that he cannot defeat Gotou. However, Satomi Murano arrives and comforts him, and after confessing his love to her, he once again renews his resolve to fight and survive.


Parasyte The Maxim Ep.20 – “Crime and Punishment” (Summary)

The operation to exterminate the parasites continues as the police officers successfully identify the first target among the evacuees. Upon hearing the gunshots, Hirakawa and his aides instantly come up with a plan knowing that the squads are deployed to extinguish them. The politician and some of his subordinates inform the officers that they need to go to the second floor of the building to notify the civilians left in the area. That moment, the parasites who are already escorted outside cause a commotion that leads to the destruction of the sensing system that Yamagishi uses. Hirama persuades him to take Uragami as a substitute for the broken sensory equipment. The chaos continues inside the building as other parasites suddenly reveal themselves, leaving the officers agitated as they shoot anyone that seems suspicious regardless of their real identities.


Hirakawa and his members take that opportunity to go to the second floor. Yamagishi joins the other police officers in slaughtering the monsters while he gives them the commands. Each squad is designated to different locations as he instructs Uragami to assist the others in pointing out the parasites. During the operation, Yamagishi somehow gets a grasp on how to identify the enemies as well, and he orders his team to shoot anyone they see. The assault continues until Uragami spots Goto, and the former immediately runs away, frightened upon realizing what kind of monster he is.


Five officers follow Goto as he leads them to a room and gives them two minutes to shoot him. However, even when his whole body is covered with bullet holes, no blood oozes out and he remains upright. He then attacks the stunned officers using his “shotgun pellets” before he leaves the area.


The episode concludes when the other squads surround Hirakawa who is standing in the center of the room. As they point their guns at him, the mayor welcomes and greets them composedly.


Parasyte The Maxim Ep.19 – “In Cold Blood” (Summary)

A short background story about Uragami is shown, though there is no clear explanation as to how he attained his special ability to tell parasites apart from humans. He initially suspects Shinichi, but later on brushes his suspicions aside. Even though Hirama still surmises Shinichi, he asks him for his help, together with the serial killer, to help the police conduct an operation to exterminate the aliens. Yamagishi, the other officer in charge of the core operation to identify and eliminate the enemies, also has a sensing system that he claims to be able to recognize parasites.

“But this ability of mine something most animals have, anyway? It’s just about telling your own kind apart from others.” ©Madhouse

Takeshi Hirokawa, on the other hand, talks with Gotou about their missing members. They conclude that Kusano, Hikawa and Maesawa were killed by Tamura Reiko, who in turn, was also shot dead by the police in the park.

“They’re claiming they’re the police? My bet would be that none of them are from the police. So you’re really moving forward with this, humans?” ©Madhouse

The operation led by Yamagishi and Himara commences at the building where Hirokawa works. The police order the people in the building to evacuate the area by groups of seven, pretending that an armed suspect is concealing himself on the rooftop. As each group of people exit the building, they are being monitored and examined by the sensory device used by Yamagishi to hunt which among them are parasites. Uragami and Shinichi are also checking them on the screen, but so far, they haven’t detected anyone yet.

Just then, the sensing system spots the first parasite in the third batch of evacuee, as the investigators prepare to launch their attack.

“So the first hit’s a woman.” ©Madhouse