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Hunter X Hunter Ep.145 & 146

(Things are getting more interesting in the latest episodes of Hunter X Hunter! Episode 146 just came out recently so I decided to make a summary of it with the previous one. WARNING: EP 146 IS OVERLOADED WITH FEELS)

EPISODE 145 – Defeat x And x Reunion

The episode begins with the continuation for the selection of the 13th chairman. Both Mizaistom and Cheadle fall on the third and fourth place, respectively, while Leorio surprisingly surpasses Pariston with 282 votes for the first time. However, since Leorio only gets 44.4% of the total votes which is still below the required percentage, a final election between the two of them is held.

In the meantime, Alluka finally wakes up and finds herself in the hospital together with his brother, Killua. Killua then asks him to let Something take over so he can wish for his friend’s recovery. As they move towards Gon, Something asks for the patient’s hand so Killua takes out Gon’s. He is surprised and pained to see Gon’s cadaverous limb and pleads Something once more to heal his friend. Something touches Gon’s hands and begins to restore him. And when she does, her incredible power surges out, and everyone at the hospital and even those at the assembly feel that immense force. Illumi, who is watching from the top of another building near the hospital, gets excited with Alluka’s power. He is overcome with his evil desire to control and possess it.

The scene switches back to the election, and Pariston asks Leorio for his plans if he gets appointed as the next chairman of the Hunter Association. As expected, he replies that he will only ask everyone for help to save Gon and has no other plans for the Association. With that, Pariston calls for an emergency council where he proposes to abolish the current Hunter Exam system. Kanzai immediately objects with the proposal but Pariston refutes by saying that he is proposing the plan not as a member of the Zodiacs but as the Vice Chairman of the Association. In response to this, Cheadle volunteers to serve as Leorio’s adviser if he wins, to quell any concerns regarding his lack of experience in the matter. While they are in the midst of this argument, the door to the hall opens and Knuckle appears, calling out to Leorio and giving him a thumbs up. Gon, who is now fully restored back to his health, enters. Behind him are his other friends who gathered outside the hospital while he was being recuperated. Leorio runs towards him and Gon jumps at him, while the former is brimming with tears. Everyone in the assembly applauds them as they welcome Gon. Knuckle, on the other hand, asks Leorio not to tell anything to Gon about Killua. While he is busy thanking everyone in the audience, Gon spots Dwun and List, pointing at the guy next to them. Gon sees the back of the man and immediately recognizes him as his father, Ging.


EPISODE 146 – Chairman × And × Release

Gon runs towards his father as he cries a bucket of tears. The moment he reaches Ging, he immediately apologizes for what happened to Kite. He tells his father everything that occurred back then, while Ging listens to his son with a somewhat stiff expression on his face. He awkwardly tells him to sit beside him and calm down. (But he himself seems to be way more perturbed than Gon lol.) When Gon claims that he should be the dead one instead, Ging’s expression turns serious. He explains to him that it is Kite’s fault for misjudging the enemy, and at the same time, Gon is also at fault for being too weak. He also instructs him to apologize to Kite and not to him. Before Gon leaves, he turns his back to his father once more, and asks him if he can talk to him again later, to which Ging replies:

“That’s crap, Ging!”

His response draws criticisms from the audience, with others calling him a jerk and pointing out that he is not acting like a real father to Gon. Ging argues back and tells them to shut up, and when he gets totally pissed off, he challenges everyone to a fight. LOL. Afterwards, Pariston asks Gon to choose between him and Leorio to be the next chairman. Surprisingly, he selects Pariston instead of his friend because he knows that Leorio wants to be a doctor and not a chairman. Leorio also withdraws from the election and gives his vote to Pariston. As expected, Pariston wins the ninth election and becomes the new chairman of the association. However, right after his proclamation as the new leader, he appoints Cheadle as his vice chairman and immediately resigns from his post, making Cheadle the new chairman instead. He leaves the assembly afterwards but Cheadle chases him and asks him for explanation. It seems that Pariston is honestly saddened by the loss of Netero, and he explains to her that he has never thought of becoming a chairman because he simply became the vice to hinder and tease Netero. However, he threatened Cheadle that he will seriously toy with her if she messes up the association under her administration.

Gon asks Leorio about Killua but because of the promise he made with Knuckle, he pretended not to know anything about him. He also apologizes to Gon for not being there when he and Killua were faced with such troubles. Illumi, on the other hand, is still making up some theories regarding Alluka’s power and the rules concerning it. He makes a deal with Killua that he willl guarantee Alluka’s freedom if he will allow him to control their brother’s powers with Killua on his side. He believes that he can manipulate Alluka’s power effectively for the sake of their family. But Killua is still adamant about his vow to protect Alluka.  He then summons Something (Nanika) and commands him to send Illumi back to their house, and in an instant, he is transported home.

Killua asks Tsubone and Amane to leave them alone for a while while he talks to his brother Alluka. The two servants get out and Something requests Killua to pat his head to receive praise from him. But instead of doing it, Killua tells Something that he cannot come out anymore. Nanika gets confused for a while but he immediately tells his brother that he loves him. Killua gets surprised and hurt as Something repeatedly tells those words to him. He yells at him and orders him not to come out anymore, to which the teary-eyed Nanika replies with an “okay“. When he is finally gone, Killua embraces his unconscious brother and apologizes to Something. Alluka wakes up and gets upset at his brother for making Something cry. He demands for an apology and tells his brother that he should also be nice to the other entity residing inside him. Alluka insists that if Killua gets mean to Something, then he will despise his brother, as tears continue to stream down his face.

“Will you forgive me for being a bad big brother?”

Killua slaps both of his cheeks and thanks Alluka. He purportedly tells him that he was just probably still under Illumi’s control that time. Asserting that everything’s fine already, he asks Alluka to call Something out, and he nodded in agreement. While Alluka is unconscious, Killua begins to apologize to Nanika, explaining that he was only scared of his brother and he couldn’t defy him. He was also scared that Something would be forced to do bad things and he also lied to himself for Alluka’s sake. Killua vows to protect him just like his brother and promises that they will always be together. He then begs Something once more to come out, and when he does, they both shed tears. Killua asks for his forgiveness and when Something says “okay“, he immediately embraces him. Nanika asserts once again his love for Killua. As they both remain in each other’s arms, their mother, who has been watching the scene through Tsubone’s monocle, orders her butler to tell Killua that she already rescinds the restriction on him. And the tearful Tsubone replies in compliance with her master.


Summary: Hunter X Hunter: 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc (Episodes 137-144)

Alright. First things first. I’m just glad that I finally managed to catch up with the recent episodes of Hunter X Hunter. I was a bit more focused on Naruto so I didn’t realize that HxH has already released a couple of new episodes while I was dawdling. I got my day off today so I decided to do a short marathon of this anime from episode 136-144. And man, I’m just glad that Chimera Arc is finally over. Don’t get me wrong. I love all the seasons of Hunter X, but I personally think that the sixth arc was dragged out too long. I especially hate the narrations -_- But even so, I still shed a tear when Meruem died along with Komugi. *sniffs* But beware! This contains spoilers for those who haven’t seen the episodes yet. This is my own review and summary based from what I have watched.


The seventh arc begins with the assembly of the Zodiacs—a 12-member group of Hunters whose skills are acknowledged by the former chairman of Hunters Association, Isaac Netero. Because of his death, the members of the Zodiacs all agree to fulfill his final wish of electing a new chairman while following and accepting the conditions set by Netero himself. Ging Freecss, also a member of the Zodiacs, finally makes his appearance and he is the one who set the rules of the election since his proposal gets chosen by Beans randomly. (It is then later revealed that Ging foretold what would happen in the meeting and planned everything in advance. However, he doesn’t wish to be the next chairman and he also explains that he is doing all of these to amuse himself.)


The Zodiacs Members and their Code Names: Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger, Ox, Rat, Boar, Dog, Monkey, Chicken, Sheep and Horse

The election has to be redone a couple of times since the condition hasn’t been met yet. (The candidate must garner a majority vote of 95% or the voting has to be done all over again.) Up until the latest episode, no one has been chosen yet to be the next leader but at least, the nominees are finally narrowed down into four: Pariston Hill, Cheadle Yorkshire, Mizaistom Nana and Leorio Paradinight, who surprisingly got famous after he smacked Gon’s father during a meeting with the hunters. 

On another note, Gon is still confined in the hospital after his match with Neferpitou. He suffers from considerable damage and is barely alive. Both the doctors and the Nen exorcist who examined him cannot do anything to revive his damaged body. Vowing to help his friend, Killua sets off to his family’s estate where his younger brother, Alluka Zoldyck is locked. Alluka has the ability to grant any wish as long as his requests are done. If the rules and conditions are not met, it brings death to the person involved, including his/her friends and loved ones. Because of this, the Zoldyck family considers this particular ability of him to be utterly dangerous, that is why they sealed him in a highly-secured room. Illumi seeks the aid of Hisoka to stop Killua from his plans, because he worries about the safety of his whole family. He thinks that if Killua uses the power of Alluka to revive Gon, the lives of their family might be at stake. 

Meanwhile, Killua sees his younger brother again after several years. He apologizes to him for leaving him in that situation. It is obvious that they are both fond of each other. A short background story of the two is shown, and it explains the ability of Alluka. It also seems like Killua is the only one who cares for him. Silva and Illumi both refer to him as “darkness”, and do not consider him as part of the family. Back to the room, Alluka immediately gives her three requests to Killua, and when he fulfills all of them, Alluka’s eyes and mouth suddenly turn pitch-black, activating his wish-granting mode. Their father, mother and brother Milluki are watching them all the while through the intercom and camera. He asks his father to open the doors, but he refuses. Because of this, Killua gives “Something”, (the term he uses when Alluka’s face changes) his wish, and that is to kill their mother if they haven’t left the mountain in half an hour. Otherwise, Alluka has to kiss him on the cheek.


Killua carrying Alluka

Finally, his father lets him take Alluka to Gon as long as he will follow the rules. First, he shouldn’t leave Alluka’s side and he must also not disclose any information about their family to outsiders. He is also under the supervision of Gotoh, Canary, Amane and Tsubone—the family’s butlers who will ensure that he will obey the said requirements. If he fails to follow them, he will be sent back to the mansion immediately. Agreeing to this, Killua and the butlers set off to the hospital where Gon is waiting. On their way, Illumi and Hisoka attempt to stop them from getting to their destination. Hisoka kills Gotoh while Illumi manages to confront Killua and Alluka. While thinking of ways to escape, Tsubone appears in front of them together with Amane. Alluka issued her first request to Tsubone earlier before they started their journey, but she decided to get out of her sight so the other requests would not be made. However, the moment he sees her, he immediately gives her two remaining requests, to which he asks for her nails from her middle and ring fingers. When the requests are met, Alluka immediately transforms and Tsubone lets Killua make the wish in order for him to escape with Alluka. On the other hand, Hisoka is watching the scene from a distance and contemplates whether he will kill Alluka to gain Killua’s wrath or kill the latter to infuriate Illumi. Just then, Killua asks “Something” to heal Tsubone’s hand, much to the surprise of everyone. He then reveals to Illumi that in order for him to heal someone, Alluka must touch that person. He also doesn’t make any cruel requests after that. Upon hearing this, Illumi lets Killua get to the hospital as long as his wish to heal Gon doesn’t pose any risk. However, since Killua hasn’t told him yet about his secrets, he is still after Alluka. He then disappears together with his Needlemen. Hisoka also stops his plan to kill Alluka and vanishes in the darkness. He is later seen murdering Teradein, the president of Seirin Group who tried to stop him and Illumi from executing their crimes. 

Amane drives Killua to the hospital where Gon is confined. There, Killua gently watches Alluka on his sleep, waiting for him to wake up and revive his friend. 


Bonus screenshot: (Because I can’t simply disregard the cuteness of this boy. Teehee.)

I just simply want to squish this cute little boy. Can I adopt him? :3

I just simply want to squish Killua. Can I adopt him? :3

I swear, I got a bit confused with the explanation regarding Alluka’s power. I hope I got everything correctly lol. But I enjoyed watching these episodes. There were a lot of hilarious scenes and I was particularly entertained with Leorio’s speech during the Hunters’ assembly. Hisoka and Illumi also had their own shares of funny moments. Ging finally had enough screen time, too, and a lot of new characters were introduced. I’m definitely looking forward to the episode next week!