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Barakamon Episode 12: “Glad that you’re back” – Summary


Miwa deceives the children into making them clean the house to prepare for Seishu’s homecoming even though she was the one who did the mess. However, back in Tokyo, Seishu’s mother, Emi Handa, prevents him from returning to Gotō Island. A package also arrives and when Sei opens it, he sees some snacks and toys from Naru and the other children. Tamako and Miwa also include the calligraphy documents in the box and when Seishu sees them, a nostalgic look registers on his face. After seeing that expression, Emi finally gives up and allows her son to go there again. It is also revealed that Seimei Handa used to live in the same island 35 years ago.

“Your mom is really a pain.”

When they learned from Aki that their sensei is arriving that night, they all begin cleaning up the house once again. Seishu, on the other hand, arrives at the island and waits for the village chief to fetch him from the airport. Shortly after, he decides to walk thinking that he will definitely bump into Yūjirō Kido on his way. He encounters a couple of misfortunes on his way but luckily for him, Naru’s grandfather passes by and offers him a ride. The same scene brings back memories from his first trip to the island. When he gets off at the store, he receives a call from Kawafuji informing him about the results of the calligraphy contest.

Aki informs the rest of the gang about it and they get worried about the exhibit results. While they are speculating about the outcome of the exhibit and the possible reaction from Seishu, Kentaro opens the door and informs them that “sensei” is already on his way. They all panic since they are caught off-guard and cannot find the party poppers that they prepared beforehand. The moment Miwa finds them, the door suddenly opens and Seishu pops out. Everyone charges toward him with Naru on the lead and pops out the party poppers. They all fall down and Naru hugs him as she questions him about the exhibition contest. Miwa and Tamako scolds her for asking him about such delicate issues but Sei doesn’t seem to be in the bad mood at all. When they ask him if he got a good place, he just responds with a vague yes. However, back in Tokyo, Kōsuke Kanzaki is petrified upon hearing the results of the exhibition. It turns out that Sei only ranked fifth while Kōsuke was in 7th place.

“Sensei’s back, everyone!”

Everyone prepares a meal for Seishu to welcome and congratulate him at the same time. They ask him about the piece that he sent to the calligraphy contest, but he is somewhat flustered to answer. He just vaguely tells them that the subject that he used for the exhibit is about the most important thing for him. They all make assumptions about it, but the truth is, the piece that Sei exhibited contains the names of everyone he met in the island, which only means that he is actually referring to them as the most important people for him.

In the middle of their chitchat, Naru tells Sei how fun it is to be with everyone. He tells her that he also gets influenced by them just by looking at their happy expressions. The episode ends with Sei explaining to Naru that the time they are spending together is what’s important right at that moment.~~~

“It just means this time now is what’s important.”

(*sobs* I just watched all its episodes last week, but in just a matter of hours, this anime already touched my heart. </3 I’m hoping for another season T.T)