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Ao Haru Ride Final Episode

The episode starts with the previous scene between Futaba and Kou. They continue embracing each other for a while. After the long hug, Futaba suddenly feels flustered but she decides to use the opportunity to confess to Kou. However, the moment she opens her mouth to speak, her stomach suddenly growls and ruins the romantic setting of the two. Kou invites her to go and grab something to eat but she refuses, informing him about his brother who is probably waiting for him to eat dinner at home. She instructs him to tell his brother personally that he doesn’t resent him. They walk home together and before bidding each other good bye, Kou thanks her for what she has done. They both smile and walk to opposite directions. Futaba feels glad and relieved that she has finally entered the door to Kou’s heart, and she vows to herself that she will continue to break her way in if necessary.

When Kou arrives home, he is greeted by his older brother but as usual, he just goes to his room without saying anything. From his room, he hears the arrival of his father who is also welcomed by Youichi. He decides to go back downstairs and eat dinner with them, which surprises his brother. While he is setting the table, his father enters the kitchen and pats his head when he greets him. Before they could even start eating, Youichi suddenly starts crying. He states that he has long been waiting for this day to come. The three of them gradually begin talking to each other and Kou tells his dad and brother that he is thinking of changing his surname soon.

The following day in school, Futaba arrives in their classroom first. She wonders how she is going to interact with Kou after what happened last night. When Kou enters the room, they both glance at each other and feel embarrassed at the same time.

Kominato comes in afterwards and complains to Kou for ditching them yesterday. Much to their surprise, Kou asks them if they are free today, and they all spend their time studying together for their exams. When the scores are announced, Kou surprisingly gets a higher grade compared to his friends who taught him that he feels somewhat bad about it. While they are looking at the bulletin board, Futaba spots the guy she met at the library before and when Touma sees her, he immediately walks away from the crowd, recognizing her as the perverted girl he encountered before.

The pervert girl?!

On their last day before the start of their summer vacation, Futaba and Yuuri search for Kou so they can all discuss their plans for their vacation. While Shuuko is going down the stairs, Tanaka-sensei calls out to her. She informs him that even though she already has a circle of friends, her feelings for him remain the same. Youichi assures her that he doesn’t think of her as an annoyance, which makes Shuuko blush. After she left, Kominato threatens Youichi that if he gives Shuuko the wrong idea and hurt her in the end, he is going to pay for it. To which Youichi replies:

KYAAA! Sorry, let’s go back to the story.

Kominato gets extremely annoyed at him and wonders why he likes Kou whereas his brother is a jerk. Futaba calls him while he is absorbed in his own thoughts and gets surprised why the four of them are gathered. She informs him about their plans to discuss how they are going to spend their vacation, and Kou once again tries to get out of the situation. He tells them that they can just sort it out through e-mail, but his friends refute by saying that it is more fun if they will do it together.

At the end of the episode, it is shown that all five of them are walking together while chatting. Futaba recalls the time she decided to change herself and how it became the start of her friendship with Yuuri, Shuuko and Kominato. She accidentally locks eyes with Kou for a brief moment before they both turn away shyly. She remembers all the time she has spent with Kou and promises to herself that she will make more memories with him and the rest of her friends as she slowly takes her steps ahead…

 Okay. There better be a second season soon. *fingers crossed*