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Naruto Chapter 700: Uzumaki Naruto!!! (ENDING)


The last chapter is set a few years after the Fourth Shinobi War. Naruto and Sasuke successfully dissolved Infinite Tsukuyomi and saved everyone who was put under the genjutsu. The first page of chapter 700 takes us back to where everything started: Konoha.

The class of Aburame Shino has finished earlier than usual since a Gokage meeting will take place in the village later. Bolt (Boruto) plans to do a prank and he invites his classmates with him. However, Inojin and Shikadai refuse to come while Chouchou goes with Anko-sensei to eat some dango and anmitsu. He walks out of the academy and complains how no one came with him. He is unaware of his other classmate, Sarada who pursues him secretly.

© Masashi Kishimoto

L-R: Shikadai, Himawari, Inojin, Chouchou, Lee’s son, Kurenai’s daughter, Bolt, Sarada © Masashi Kishimoto

Hinata and her daughter Himawari visit the grave of Neji, while Rock Lee continues to train arduously and passes his belief in youth onto his (presumably) son. Tenten, on the other hand, establishes her own weapon’s shop, but her business doesn’t seem to be going well since the world has already become too peaceful. Gaara and Kankuro drop by Temari‘s house before the meeting and there, they see their nephew Shikadai who has just gone back home after the class. Kiba is shown chatting with Tamaki, who used to work with her grandmother Nekobaa. 

© Masashi Kishimoto

L-R: Hinata, Tenten, Shino, Chouji, Karui, Ino, Sai, Rock Lee, Shikamaru and Kiba © Masashi Kishimoto

Meanwhile, Sai, Ino, Chouji and Karui are waiting for the children to begin their training but upon seeing his mom’s fury for them being late, Inojin gets scared to come out especially without Shikadai and Chouchou. Kurenai‘s daughter informs her mother about her trip with Kakashi and Gai after she offers some prayers in Asuma’s altar. Kakashi visits Gai who is now on a wheelchair and tells him about the nostalgic tour that he plans to take after quitting his job as the sixth hokage.

Kakashi and Gai © Masashi Kishimoto

Kakashi and Gai © Masashi Kishimoto

The Fourth Raikage points out how Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, has become weak over the years that they can’t even conduct their ex-kage meeting properly. The meeting, however, seems to be just a mere get-together of the former Kage where they simply drink and complain together. Tsunade tells Mei that it is already too late for her as the latter complains about the scarcity of nice men. Gyuki (Eight-tails) tells Killer B how busy Naruto is nowadays compared to him who is just playing around. He is thinking of visiting Naruto since he is bored.

The former Kage © Masashi Kishimoto

The former Kage conducting their own meeting © Masashi Kishimoto

Back to Konoha, Shikamaru informs the seventh Hokage about the meeting. However, before they can even leave, Udon and Moegi rush to the room and tell them about an emergency. The Hokage instantly understands the situation and he immediately goes to stop Bolt from ruining the Hokage Monument. He talks with his son and orders him to clean the mess. He explains his situation to his first child and tells him that he needs to endure it because he is also a ninja. They both climb down and Bolt is scolded by his teacher, Konohamaru.

Sarada returns home after stalking Bolt and she complains to her mother Sakura about how stupid guys are. Sakura instantly knows that she is referring to Bolt, but her daughter added that she feels like she resembles Bolt a little when it comes to their relationship with their fathers. It is shown that Sasuke continues to travel around the world.

Sasuke with his wife, Sakura and daughter, Sarada © Masashi Kishimoto

Sasuke with his wife, Sakura and daughter, Sarada © Masashi Kishimoto

The Gokage meeting has finally commenced, and the four leaders of each village are waiting for the arrival of the Hokage. The last Kage enters, and apologizes for being late. Kurotsuchi, the Fourth Tsuchikage and the Sixth Mizukage Chōjūrō both complain but Darui, who is now the Fifth Raikage tells the other two to just forgive him. Gaara signals everyone to stop with the personal chat and begin the summit. Uzumaki Naruto, who has finally achieved his dream of becoming the village’s Hokage, starts the  Gokage meeting, as Kurama is shown lazily napping somewhere in the village, and the page zooms to the statue of Naruto engraved in the Hokage Mountain.

© Masashi Kishimoto

© Masashi Kishimoto

© Masashi Kishimoto


Naruto Chapter 698: Naruto and Sasuke 5


Naruto and Sasuke’s fight has finally come to an end. Both of them use their remaining chakra to deliver their final blow to each other. Sasuke uses kagutsuchi while Naruto attacks him with rasengan using the last bit of chakra Kurama gave him. The final assault causes both of them to lose consciousness and they both wake up later to find themselves lying side by side. They can’t move that much since they might bleed to death, with their arms getting severed from their earlier clash. Once again, Sasuke asks Naruto why he would risk everything just to save him from darkness. As his best friend, Naruto explains to him that he can also feel the pain and burden he carries. Sasuke recollects the past as he remembers how Naruto and the rest of Team 7 remind him of his own family. And how, just like Naruto, he could also relate to his suffering that caused him to create a bond with him. But at the same time, that feeling turned to envy when he saw how Naruto grew stronger than him. Sasuke’s recollection of the past comes to a halt when they both fall asleep again.


The next morning, as they both wake up, Sasuke finally admits his defeat with a smile on his face as he acknowledges his rival. Surprised, Naruto tells him that there are no winners or losers in their fight, because he just merely wants to make his friend realize the wrong path he wanted to take. Sasuke tells Naruto that if he dies, Naruto can just dissolve the Infinite Tsukuyomi by transplanting his left eye to Kakashi. Naruto stops him from sprouting nonsense as if he is about to die and tells him that he only wants to unite all shinobi including him. Sasuke asks him how he can be certain that he will not come after him again, but before Naruto can provide an explanation, he sees the profile of Sasuke…in tears.

“Shut up, stupid.”


This chapter was just too much for me to handle. The bond between these two has seeped in to the very depths of my otaku soul. After all those years, only the two of them could relate to each other’s feelings. Seeing Sasuke shed tears after all the villainous deeds he made in the previous chapters, somehow, made my heart break into pieces.  I think it’s now safe to assume that Naruto succeeded in saving his friend from falling into the pit of darkness. Even without their arms, their blood is still linked which symbolizes the strong bond between them. *sighs* Naruto and Sasuke, you just don’t know how the fandom is drowning in feels right now. 

Naruto Chapter 697: Naruto and Sasuke Part 4

The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke ensues. The war between them has started since Chapter 694, and I swear, I was almost at my limit with the recent development of the series. I didn’t want the manga to end with just the two of them clinching all the panels by themselves. Fortunately, tonight’s chapter is much better than the previous one. Sakura and Kakashi somehow manage to squeeze some panels for themselves as Sakura finally wakes up from the genjutsu that Sasuke cast on her. She asks Kakashi about her teammates, and he tells her about the two settling their scores at the moment.

Sasuke and Naruto continue to strike each other

Sasuke and Naruto exchanging blows

After the long struggle, the two seem to be exhausted (at last) after Sasuke assaults Naruto with his most powerful technique. The impact from Indra’s Arrow sends the two of them plummeting to the ground. They continue to strike each other using every bit of their remaining energy, with their emotions surging and passing through their attacks. Kurama tries to give some of his chakra to Naruto, but to their surprise, Sasuke manages to absorb it thanks to the power of his Rinnegan. This allows him to charge his chidori and confront Naruto. Sasuke then bids farewell to him as he readies himself to deliver his final blow to his only friend.


First of all, I’m just so glad that the battle between those two seems to conclude soon. With only a few chapters left, I am hoping that something good will come out of this long struggle between Naruto and Sasuke. The recently concluded war caused so much destruction to the village, and those two only added further damage to it LOL. How could they decapitate the statues of Hashirama and Madara? T.T On the other hand, I somehow got nonplussed with Sasuke’s new outfit. He kinda looked like a high school student for me when his “skirt” was removed during the battle. LOL 😛