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Shueisha Announces Tokyo Ghoul’s Stage Play Adaptation

Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul manga is confirmed to have a stage play adaptation! The report came out after Shueisha announced the news on its 17th issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine. No further details have been released except for the venues which will be in Tokyo and Kyoto.

©Sui Ishida/Shueisha

Tokyo Ghoul was first published on Weekly Young Jump magazine in 2011 and it recently concluded last year. A sequel  entitled Tokyo Ghoul:re has been serialized by Shueisha in addition to Sui Ishida’s prequel story Tokyo Ghoul: JACK. An anime adaptation by studio Pierrot was aired in 2014. The 12-episode series is then followed by Tokyo Ghoul √A. The second season started its broadcast in January this year and is currently ongoing. (Source: ANN)

Fushigi Yugi’s Stage Play Adaptation to Run in March

Another stage play is slated to run this month in Japan’s Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club Ex, and this time, it’s based on Yuu Watase’s manga “Fushigi Yugi”. It is scheduled to start on March 19 until 29 and it stars Golden Bomber’s Yutaka Kyan as Tamahome.The play will be told from his point of view instead of the female protagonist, Miaka Yuuki. Others who are included in the cast are:

Risako Ito as Miaka Yuuki

Namiko Ito as Yui Hongo

Ikkei Yamamoto as Hotohori

Toshiyuki Someya as Nuriko

Masato Saki as Tasuki

Yuuta Kogawa as Chichiri

Miku as Chiriko

Yusuke Hirose as Mitsukake

Reo Sawada as Amiboshi

Yu Yoshioka as Nakago

For tickets and schedule, check out their official website!

(via ANN)