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Naruto Chapter 695: Naruto and Sasuke Part 2

This chapter is basically about the battle between Naruto and Sasuke. There aren’t a lot of words spoken but you can still feel the bond between them. As they continue to fight each other, their memories of their childhood and their friendship as well as their struggles return. They share the same fate and the same pain, as they both grew up without their families. But Sasuke decides to lurk in darkness, while Naruto tries to bring him back to light. With his Susano’o, Sasuke fights Naruto in his tailed-beast mode.  They both seem to completely understand the reason why they have to battle each other. But Naruto has already vowed that he will not let Sasuke kill him, because he doesn’t want his best friend to be alone again. Dying is not an option for him, and there is no way he’d leave Sasuke in solitude just like before.


Naruto Chapter 695



Argh. The countdown has definitely started. This is the first chapter that was released after the announcement regarding the end of the manga’s serialization was made. Somehow, I felt quite disappointed with all the panels that were wasted in the recent chapter. Kishimoto-sensei could have curtailed the part where the memories were shown to save more panels and used them instead for much more significant scenes. I mean, there are only a few more chapters left so we can’t afford to see the panels being used for some petty matters. But don’t get me wrong; I also drowned in their bromance here, so I wasn’t totally dismayed with last night’s chapter.

 I hope the next one would give us a more conclusive scenario not just about these two but also to the other characters as well.