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Naruto Chapter 699: The Seal of Reconciliation

Team 7 finally reunites as Sakura and Kakashi find Naruto and Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Sasuke apologizes to Sakura as she stops the bleeding of their severed arms. Once healed, Naruto and Sasuke begin to dissolve Infinite Tsukuyomi and free all the shinobi who were put under the genjutsu. Sasuke recalls everything that he has been to and tells Naruto how he can finally understand what he wanted to convey to him all along. He notes how they had to live without their families and survive all by themselves in a world full of hate, and how Naruto continued to approach him even though he almost destroyed their friendship.

©Masashi Kishimoto

©Masashi Kishimoto

When everything has finally settled down, Kakashi has been proclaimed as the new Hokage. Sasuke leaves the village once again after Kakashi warns him not to do anything crazy just like before after he was pardoned from his crimes. Sasuke tells them that he wants to look at the world once more as he takes his road to redemption. Sakura tries to come with him, but he objects and instead, flicks her on her forehead, just like what his brother Itachi had done to him in the past. He bids good bye as he thanks her and both Sakura and Kakashi see him off. Naruto meets Sasuke while the latter is on his way to his journey. They strike a short conversation, as Naruto returns Sasuke’s forehead protector to him. The bond between them has just been reaffirmed, as they continue to traverse their path and move forward, as they are the shinobi that are entrusted with hope.

©Masashi Kishimoto


ARGH! I don’t know if the summary that I have just written even made sense lol. I couldn’t think properly while I was typing this post since my mind was still in shock. I just can’t accept that Naruto already concluded. This chapter made me so emotional esp. after seeing Team 7 together again. I am so happy for Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto fulfilled his dream of saving his friend in the pit of darkness, and Sasuke already realized his mistakes and finally accepted Naruto in his life. This should have been a better ending for this manga. I still don’t want to acknowledge Chapter 700 lol. I will organize my thoughts first then write the summary about the last chapter tomorrow. (I wonder if I can even sleep XD)