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Death Parade Ep. 12 – “Suicide Tour” (Summary)

“I…can’t press it. Everyone…has feelings for someone. I know that…but even if they have nothing to do with me, somewhere, there is definitely someone else who cherishes them.” ©Madhouse

After receiving the memories of Chiyuki that he requested, Decim takes her to the lowest level which is usually off-limits for the guests. There, he brings Chiyuki back to her house where she meets her mother who is still grieving for her loss. A surge of emotions overwhelms her, and Decim gives her the opportunity to be brought back to life in an instant in exchange for someone else’s life. As she is about to press the button, she suddenly remembers the people she met in Quindecim and she realizes how all of them cherish someone in their lives. She turns down his offer as she looks at her mom and apologizes to her even though her mother cannot see or hear her. That instance, Decim clutches his chest as he finally understands what sorrow is. As Chiyuki changes her mind and asks him to press the button himself, the background breaks into pieces and reveals the lowest floor of the tower where dummies are piled up. Decim apologizes to her and informs her that he just made up everything as part of his judgment as an arbiter.

DECIM: “It hurts. This…is sorrow, right? I just…wanted to know you better. To understand you better.” ©Madhouse

The two of them have no idea that they are being watched by Nona and Oculus who are both surprised by how the situation turns out. Oculus insists that arbiters should not have emotions as this will only get in their way of judging. Nona thinks otherwise, but he doesn’t press on the matter any further.

OCULUS: “Four. Arbiters may not work hand in hand with life…for that will ruin them.” ©Madhouse

Decim apologizes to Chiyuki once more and she embraces him as they both cry their hearts out. Before the elevator to Quindecim closes, Chiyuki sheds tears when Decim flashes her a genuine smile as he reminisces his memories of her. He bids farewell to her as she is sent to reincarnation.

“Farewell.” ©Madhouse

As the episode concludes, two new guests arrive at Quindecim where they are welcomed by the bartender. Decim smiles at them as a dummy of Chiyuki is shown seated beside him.

Death Parade Ep. 11 – “Memento Mori” (Summary)


Chiyuki wears the skating dress and ice skates that she finds in her closet. Decim watches her as she skates gracefully, and with her every movement, fragments of her memories when she was still alive flash before her. She used to be a professional skater until an injury disabled her to pursue her career. She shut herself off from her family and friends, until her depression drove her to commit suicide.


Decim prepares some drinks for both of them at the bar, but right after Chiyuki takes a sip, she barely hears Decim’s apology before she passes out. Decim then asks Quin to send him her memories which Nona also requested earlier. Unbeknownst to Nona, Oculus already knows her secret about Decim.


Ginti, on the other hand, lets Mayu decide to choose another person’s soul in exchange for Harada’s which was sent to the void. However, Mayu offers her own soul to save Harada, but as the elevator closes, both of them are sent to the void as their bodies turn into dummies.



Death Parade Ep. 10 – “Story Teller” (Summary)

Decim starts to question his ability as an arbiter after what the black-haired woman told him in the previous game. He visits Nona and asks her, but Nona reminds him to judge the woman instead. Humans cannot stay in their place for too long or they will turn into dummies. Decim turns down Nona’s suggestion of sending him the woman’s memories, and proceeds to the judgment where another guest participates.


Sachiko Uemura, an illustrator, plays a card game called Old Maid with Decim and the black-haired woman. Upon seeing the designs on the cards, she realizes that she is already dead. As the game continues, the woman finally remembers her name after seeing an illustration of Chavvo. Sachiko tells them the story of Chavvot, and Chiyuki, the black-haired woman, regains a bit of her memory with her mom.


Oculus, on the other hand, summons Clavis and absorbs his memories where he learns about Decim who has human emotions, which is against one of their rules.


Chiyuki loses the game, and she sees Sachiko off to the elevator for reincarnation. She stays behind with Decim, and the bartender asks her to tell him everything about human emotions.

“There is a point to living. The same goes for judgment. Judgment must be performed hand in hand with both life and death. It is something that must be performed hand in hand with humans. And for that reason, human emotions…Would you please tell me everything?” ©Madhouse

Death Parade Ep. 8 – “Death Rally” (Summary)

Two new guests have arrived at Quindecim, and the moment the information is sent to Decim, he makes a call to Nona to confirm the situation, not knowing that it was actually her who set him up with the special guests, one of whom is apparently a murderer.


After Decim explains the situation to the two, Tatsumi, a detective, asks for the cooperation of Shimada, a young man in his 20s, to uncover the truth about their plight. They both agree to play air hockey, and as the game progresses, they regain bits of their memories. Tatsumi’s wife was murdered, and he is on the lookout to find the killer. Shimada, on the other hand, seeks revenge to the man who assaulted his younger sister.

“It may sound strange for a detective to say this…but once I get out of here, I’m…killing someone. My wife, you see, was murdered.” ©Madhouse

“My sister…My sister was assaulted. I just can’t…I just can’t let him get away with it.” ©Madhouse

The game becomes more intense since both of them want to get out of Quindecim as soon as possible. Decim decides to alter the game a bit and links the plucks to the players’ organs, which will cause pain to the affected body part. The black-haired woman asks Decim to show her the memories that were sent to him beforehand, and after he makes the request, the players’ memories are transmitted to her. After they are sent, her expression instantly changes as she realizes that both Tatsumi and Shimada are killers.


Death Parade Ep. 7 – “Alcohol Poison” (Summary)

The black-haired woman is surprised to find a story book entitled Chavvot, which is the one that she has seen in her dreams. Upon seeing it, fragments of her memories flash before her, and she remembers that she is already dead. She asks Decim about it, but he replies that the book probably belongs to the former arbiter of Quindecim which he succeeded.


Years ago, when both Decim and Ginti were assigned to their respective floors, Nona brought the two to observe Quin in her final judgment as an arbiter before she quit to work in the information bureau. Nona gave the men a remote-like device that they could switch on to alter the game, but Decim did not press it. When asked, he said that he forgot to do it because he was distracted during the game by what the guests were thinking. He again emphasized his respect for people who had lived full lives. It is also revealed that Decim, just like the others, is only a dummy , but he has human emotions, which makes Nona more interested with how he arbitrates. As a parting advice, Quin told Decim to find something that he treasures, and the black-haired woman asks him what he cherishes the most.

Oculus: “One. Arbiters cannot quit making judgments for that is the reason why they exist. Two. Arbiters cannot experience death, for that would make them too close to being human. Three. Arbiters cannot feel emotions, for they are dummies.” ©Madhouse

Decim shows her his collection of dummies and how he assembles the mannequins to impersonate the guests that he has judged so that he will not forget them. He claims the dummies which are about to be thrown away because he doesn’t want those people to end up like that as if they never lived a full life.


Towards the end of the episode, it is shown that Nona asks Castra to arrange two special guests for Decim, as if trying to further test the bartender’s skills in judging the departed.

Death Parade Ep. 5 – “Death March” (Summary)

The black haired woman wakes up from a recurring dream about a story of a boy and a girl. After she gets up, she immediately readies herself to assist Decim who, at that time, is changing the roulette per Nona’s instructions. She is surprised to see the panel with the picture of the girl in her dreams. Right then, the elevators open, and a man comes out first, followed by a young boy. The two take their seats, and Decim immediately asks the two if they remember anything before arriving at the bar. The man seems to have some memories of the place and Decim, while the boy has no clue at all. As the man takes a sip of his beer, he instantly remembers everything about the bartender and Quindecim. He takes hostage of the boy and threatens the arbiter, but Decim quickly binds the man. But the boy takes his chance when Decim is distracted and he puts the black haired woman to sleep.

Decim: “I have respect for people who lived a fulfilled life. Moreover, her behavior and opinions are fresh…and I find her fascinating.” ©Madhouse

Decim gets a clear idea of the situation as the boy transforms and reveals his original form. It turns out that he is also an arbiter named Ginty. He asks Decim why he hasn’t passed the judgment on the woman yet, and Decim informs him that he couldn’t do it the first time she appeared at the bar since she knew from the start that she was already dead. Ginty continues to lash out at the stone-faced arbiter, who admits that he finds the woman fascinating. Nona then appears, together with Clavis, after she played billiards with Oculus. Nona stops Ginty and reveals that the “guests” are part of Quin’s memory test for Decim, who failed to notice the peculiar situation with the guests. Clavis takes the body of the man which is actually just a dummy before leaving with Ginty. Nona also gives a brief lecture to Decim before returning to her abode. Once the three are gone, Decim carries the black haired woman back to her room, where she continues to dream about the boy and the girl. The boy’s name is revealed as Jimmy, and the girl is called Chavvot, and the two of them are shown on the cover of the book that Nona is reading.

Narrator: “His mom told him that the girl’s name was Chavvot. As Jimmy drank his hot cocoa, he kept repeating ‘Chavvot’ again and again. Someday, I’ll convey my feelings to her.” ©Madhouse

Death Parade Ep.2 – Death: Reverse (Summary)


Kurokami no Onna, the Black-Haired Woman, wakes up to find Nona who takes her to the 15th floor where Decim works. She meets Clavis, the elevator guy before Nona introduces her to the bartender. It seems like she is clueless about the situation or the place, and she just follows what Nona tells her since she is assigned as an assistant. Nona takes her to a room where Decim’s dummies are hung, and they both watch the terrified guests from the other end of the glass.

“Do you know what the most primitive emotion people have is? It’s FEAR.” ©Madhouse

As the game progresses, Nona teaches  Kurokami no Onna about the death of Takashi and Machiko, and how arbiters like them pass judgment on the deceased based on their life memories.  The Black-Haired Woman seems to be equally shocked just like the couple, and she gives her own opinion about the situation. After Decim sends off the couple to their respective destinations, he is met by Nona and Kurokami no Onna, who expresses how awful the whole procedure was. She asks him why Machiko is sent to the void, even though she just lied about her having an affair with another guy. Decim looks surprised, and he questions her about her hunch that the child is Takashi’s even though Machiko herself admitted that she had a fling.

Nona: “Everyone makes mistakes. But then, people’s feelings often get expressed in random ways. You’re an arbiter; don’t just brush them off. ” ©Madhouse

Thinking that he might have a faulty decision, he is about to ask Nona but the latter suddenly pulls him by his bowknot and lectures him about arbitrating. He nods at her with a clenched fist as he serves the ladies some drinks. Afterwards, Nona leaves Kurokami no Onna at the bar and enters the elevator again to return to her abode. There, Clavis asks her about her impression of the new assistant, and she unknowingly and subtly praises her, much to Clavis’ surprise. However, as she recalls what the woman said earlier about the couple’s happiness, she takes back her compliment and tells herself that no matter what happened, Takashi wouldn’t have a happy life because he couldn’t trust others.


New Anime Series “Death Parade” to Start on January 9

Death Parade, a new TV anime series based on 2013 Anime Mirai‘s “Death Billiard”, will debut on January 9 on Nippon TV. It will then be shown on Sun TV and AT-X on  Jan. 13 and 22, respectively. Yuzuru Tachikawa, the creator of the animated short, is also directing the TV series which is produced by Madhouse Studio.

© Yuzuru Tachikawa/

The official website of the anime released two promotional videos, the first which is actually taken from the original Anime Mirai 2013 short film.

(PV 1)

(PV 2)

The website has also released the character art and key visual for the upcoming anime series. Tomoaki Maeno will join the cast as the “Bartender/Dekim” together with Rumi Okubo and  Yoshimasa Hosoya as Nona and Ginty.

(via Otakumode)