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Parasyte The Maxim Ep.14 – The Selfish Gene (Summary)

Shinichi is in trouble of getting his secret revealed after a private investigator, Shirou Kuramori, who is enlisted by Tamiya Ryouko, found out that he is a monster. The man continues to follow him even though Ryouko already ended his assignment. Izumi seeks the help of Uda and his parasite “Jaw/Joe” to find the identity of his stalker and they eventually catch him afterwards. Izumi shares his whole story to the guy as he asks him to stay quiet about his secret. However, the man tells him and Uda to do everything they can for the sake of humanity even if it means they will be sacrificed as lab rats. That instance, Migi and Jaw emerge from their hosts and try to kill the investigator. They are both stopped by Izumi and Uda but Migi continues to threaten the guy, informing him that his client might be a parasite too if his hunch is correct.

“Migi’s not sounding like himself at all. I’m sure he’s saying it all to achieve a certain effect, but…” ©Madhouse

That night, Izumi gets a phone call from Ryouko and she asks him to meet her at a university building where she is taking lectures about animals and genes. After the class, she goes to meet Izumi at the rooftop, carrying her baby with her. She immediately senses that something has changed with him, and based on his reaction, she figures out that it might have something to do with his missing mom. She laughs maniacally at Izumi who is enraged and ready to strike her. However, she raises her baby in front of her, telling him that she is going to use the infant as her shield if ever they will engage in a battle.

Izumi: “I’ll kill you!” ©Madhouse

Izumi furiously dashes out of the university, vowing that he can never forgive Ryouko. As he stops for a while to catch his breath, a fortune teller calls out to him and asks him to show his hand. Izumi follows her, but he extends his left hand instead. The woman accurately depicts the hole in his heart, and she instructs him to meet the person who opened that hole. She tells him to talk it over to that person to bring closure to his suffering, since that person is the only one who can seal that hole in his heart. However, as Izumi remembers his “mom”, a wicked smile forms on his lips, and he viciously tells the terrified fortune teller that he already killed that person.