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New Anime Series “Death Parade” to Start on January 9

Death Parade, a new TV anime series based on 2013 Anime Mirai‘s “Death Billiard”, will debut on January 9 on Nippon TV. It will then be shown on Sun TV and AT-X on  Jan. 13 and 22, respectively. Yuzuru Tachikawa, the creator of the animated short, is also directing the TV series which is produced by Madhouse Studio.

© Yuzuru Tachikawa/

The official website of the anime released two promotional videos, the first which is actually taken from the original Anime Mirai 2013 short film.

(PV 1)

(PV 2)

The website has also released the character art and key visual for the upcoming anime series. Tomoaki Maeno will join the cast as the “Bartender/Dekim” together with Rumi Okubo and  Yoshimasa Hosoya as Nona and Ginty.

(via Otakumode)


Promotional Video for “Blood Blockade Battlefront” Anime Adaptation Gets Released

An announcement was made earlier this month about the anime adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow‘s Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) which is scheduled to be released next year. The names of the voice actors who are part of the cast have also been revealed, some of which include Akira Ishida, Mamoru Miyano and Daisuke Sakaguchi. Rie Matsumoto is the director of the anime TV series which is under Studio BONES production.

And to hype things up, a short promotional video for the upcoming series has been revealed together with its official website.

Go check out Blood Blockade Battlefront’s official website!

Promotional Video for “Assassination Classroom” Gets Released

The hype gets even higher as a short promotional video for Assassination Classroom’s anime adaptation series was released last Sunday. It was already announced before that Yūsei Matsui’s manga will have a live-action film adaptation and anime TV series that will both premiere next year. Eiichiro Hasumi is directing the movie that will be released in March 2015.

The 38-second clip that was shown reveals the date for the airing of the anime adaptation series, which will be on January 09 next year. The voice actors who will play the roles of the characters in the anime have also been announced.

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karuma Akabane
Miho Hino as Sumire Hara
Subaru Kimura as Ryōma Terasaka
Ryota Ohsaka as Yūma Isogai
Eiji Miyashita as Sōsuke Sugaya
Ayaka Suwa as Tōka Yada
Shintarō Asanuma as Hiroto Maehara
Ryo Naitou as Taiga Okajima
Manami Numakura as Rio Nakamura
Kana Ueda as Yuzuki Fuwa
Fuko Saito as Kirara Hazama
Satomi Satou as Yukiko Kanzaki
Chie Matsuura as Megu Kataoka
Takahiro Mizushima as Kōtarō Takebayashi
Shinya Takahashi as Kōki Mimura
Sayuri Yahagi as Manami Okuda
Kouki Harasawa as Takuya Muramatsu
Aya Suzaki as Kaede Kayano
Shunsuke Kawabe as Masayoshi Kimura
Yoshitaka Yamaya as Tomohito Sugino
Yoshiyuki Shimozuma as Taisei Yoshida
Hisako Kanemoto as Hinano Kurahashi
Minami Tanaka as Hinata Okano
Junji Majima as Ryūnosuke Chiba
Shiho Kawaragi as Rinka Hayami
Mai Fuchigami as Nagisa Shiota

Taking the role of Koro-sensei is Jun Fukuyama, while Tomokazu Sugita and Shizuka Itou will play Tadaomi Karasuma and Irina Jelavic, respectively. The series is directed by Seiji Kishi under studio Lerche and will also air on Fuji TV.

The story revolves around the students of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, who are given the task to kill their homeroom teacher Koro-sensei. The teacher is an artificial creation with a form similar to an octopus with eight tentacles. He threatens to destroy the Earth but at the same time, he is dedicated to his job as a teacher and even imparts his knowledge about assassination to his students. The mission to assassinate Koro-sensei proves to be difficult for the students as he possesses inhuman abilities.


Official websites: Movie/Anime

Promotional Video for the Second Season of Tokyo Ghoul Gets Released

After the announcement was made regarding the second season of Tokyo Ghoul, a 41-second video clip was uploaded on Saturday by TokyoGhoulAnimation on Youtube. The promotional video only showed Ken Kaneki, the main character in the series. The first season of the anime adaptation of Sui Ishida’s manga was aired from July until September this year, with 12 episodes in total. The second season of Tokyo Ghoul will premiere in January, 2015.