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Hunter X Hunter Episode 147: “Salvation × And × Future”

Gon follows his father’s advice and visits Kite. The latter, who is reborn in the body of a female child, talks with him and assures him that he doesn’t need to apologize. What they both need to do is to practice and train even harder to make themselves stronger. He promises him that he will call him if ever he needs his help and asserts that they are already friends. He also instructs him to go back to his father immediately. Gon waves good bye to Kite and proceeds to meet his father back at the Hunter Association but his father is already gone. Instead, Ging left a note and instructed him to meet him on top of the World Tree.

Gon starts his journey with Killua and his brother Alluka. Killua informs him that it was Alluka who healed him then he also introduces Nanika to his friend. He tells him that he plans to travel to several places with his brother so he will just e-mail Gon from time to time. They both extend their gratitude toward each other for everything that has happened between the two of them. Unfortunately, Killua can no longer accompany Gon to his destination since he has to watch over Alluka.

Before Gon enters the gate toward the World Tree, he turns his head back once again to Killua.

They both smile at each other but as they turn their backs, the smiles on their faces are immediately replaced with sadness as they go their separate ways.

As the ending song plays, memories of their experiences and adventures are shown as if to convey the true friendship that has developed between the two of them.